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Symbol: A dragon’s eye with a swirl of gold and green for both sides of Seven, reminiscent of the gold of his draconic form and green reminiscent of her feline form. The eye has a border of gray, a nod to her Mau’ktarl self. The eye is encircled by alternating scales of red and gold for his dragon self. Finally, there are scales of Platinum to reference his father. The erratic swirl pattern of the eye is a reference to her mother, Forian.

Colors: Red, Gold, Grey

Alignment: True Neutral

Worshippers' Alignment: Any

Area of Control: Dragons, Draconic Balance

Clerical Domains: Magic, Travel

Seven, The World Wyrm is the child of Forian and The Platinum Dragon, His Most Splendid Majesty. They are the god of dragons and draconic balance which was a mantle granted to them by Mikon upon their ascension. They accept all followers regarding one’s personal morality and focus on maintaining peace and balance between dragons across Negaria.

Followers Of Seven

Those seeking to be a follower of Seven look to uphold the balance of dragons to avoid events like the war between them during the proliferation of Scale Rot. They aid dragons and ensure prosperity between dragons and the other beings upon Negaria.

A number of dragons have taken to becoming Seven’s followers after their ascension to godhood. Some to ensure Scale Rot would be kept at bay and others because they believed in keeping the balance in check that Mikon was not able to hold on to.

A follower of Seven is one who aims to keep balance and fairness in dealing with many creatures. They are willing to learn from a multitude of perspectives and peoples and not see one path toward “balance” as a Mikonite might.

This form of devotion and worship toward this different sort of “balance” can take many forms. A singular truth is not necessarily the answer.

Offerings to the god are normally in the form of gold, gems, etc. that would be appropriate for a dragon’s hoard.

Their Name

Seven’s full name is Kyrsodyrth'Rindre'Aizelied'Imbyr'Shemerru'Nusonth'Yrmai'Kaizinaism but they go by the number of apostrophes in that name, so “Seven”.

Physical Description

Their true form is that of a massive, multi-colored dragon that is made up of all colors of all dragons. Stone, metal, and hybrid of those two. They are a perfect combination of dragon and dragoness. Their figure when standing is as tall and imposing as a mountain. Their eyes swirl with color and their scales glint and shine like gemstones in the sunlight and moonlight.

Witnessed Forms Of The World Wyrm

Seven can take on the form of any dragon type, either male or female in that chosen form. They are also able to take on the form of a female Mau’ktarl or a male bipedal dragon with red and gold scales. Typically they utilize magic while bipedal dragon and roguish attributes and physical combat while Mau’ktarl. Their approach to combat while in their true form has not been witnessed.

History Of Seven, The World Wyrm