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This is the relative power level of the spell. This entry includes an abbreviation for each class that can cast this spell. The "Level" entry also indicates if a spell is a domain spell and, if so, what its level is.

Class Abbreviations: Brd (bard), Clr (cleric), Drd (druid), Pal (paladin), Rgr (ranger), Sor (sorcerer), Wiz (wizard).


Clerics can select two domains in which to focus. Each domain grants access to a domain spell at each spell level as well as a special ability.


Granted Powers: Elemental Turning: Able to turn elementals as if they were undead.

Spells: Call Lightning (3rd Level), Chain Lightning (6th Level) 


Clerics who take the Animal domain are able summon more powerful allies.

Spells: Cat's Grace (2nd Level), True Seeing (3rd Level), Polymorph Self (5th Level)


Negative Plane Avatar: Able to summon a shadow that scales according to the cleric's level.

Spells: Phantasmal Killer (4th Level), Enervation (5th Level)


Weaken Constructs: Able to damage constructs while using the turn ability.

Spells: Stinking Cloud (3rd Level), Acid Fog (6th Level)


Turn Elementals: Able to turn elementals as if they were undead.

Spells: Stoneskin (4th Level), Energy Buffer (5th Level)


Turn Outsiders: Able to turn outsiders as if they were undead

Spells: Negative Energy Ray (1st Level), Negative Energy Burst (3rd Level), Enervation (5th Level)


Turn Elementals: Able to turn elementals as if they were undead.

Spells: Wall of Fire (4th Level), Energy Buffer (5th Level)


Turn Outsider: Able to turn outsiders as if they were undead.

Spells: Stoneskin (4th Level), Lesser Planar Binding (5th Level)


Empower Healing: The following healing spells are cast as if Empowered by the feat: Cure Light Wounds, Cure Moderate Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds, Cure Critical Wounds.

Spells: Cure Serious Wounds (2nd Level), Heal (5th Level)


Extra spells

Spells: Identify (1st Level), Knock (2nd Level), Clairaudience and Clairvoyance (3rd Level), True Seeing (4th Level), Legend Lore (6th Level)


Extra spells

Spells: Mage Armor (1st Level), Melf's Acid Arrow (2nd Level), Negative Energy Burst (3rd Level), Stoneskin (4th Level), Ice Storm (5th Level)


Turn Vermin: Able to turn vermin as if they were undead.

Spells: Barkskin (2nd Level), Creeping Doom (7th Level)


Divine Protection: The cleric is able to cast an improved form of Sanctuary with a save DC of 10 + 1 per 2 cleric levels + charisma modifier. The effect has a duration of 5 rounds + 1 round per caster level + charisma modifier. Bonuses from being a Favored Cleric also apply.

Spells: Minor Globe of Invulnerabilty (4th Level), Energy Buffer (5th Level)


Divine Strength: The cleric gains a bonus to Strength equal to 2 +1 per 3 cleric levels. The effect lasts for 5 rounds + Charisma modifier.

Spells: Divine Power (3rd Level), Stoneskin (5th Level)


Exceptional Turning: Add 1d6 to all turning checks to determine the maximum HD of undead turned. Also add 1d4 to the number of undead Hit Dice turned.

Spells: Searing Light (2nd Level), Sunbeam (7th Level)


Extra spells

Spells: Entangle (1st Level), Web (2nd Level), Freedom of Movement (3rd Level), Slow (4th Level), Haste (5th Level)


Divine Trickery: Bonus to Bluff, Disable Trap, Hide, Move Silently, Open Lock, Persuade, Pick Pocket and Search checks equal to 1 + 1 per 2 cleric levels. This effect lasts for 5 turns + the cleric's Charisma modifier.

Spells: Invisibility (2nd Level), Invisibility Sphere (3rd Level), Improved Invisibility (5th Level)


Battle Master: The cleric gains a bonus of 1 + 1 per 5 levels to Dexterity, Constitution, Attack Rolls and Damage. As well this bonus modifier is used to grant the cleric damage reduction in the same amount. The effect will last for 5 rounds + charisma modifier.

Spells: Cat's Grace (2nd Level), Aura of Vitality (7th Level)


Turn Elementals: Able to turn elementals as if they were undead.

Spells: Poison (3rd Level), Ice Storm (5th Level)

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