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Evocation [ Light ]
Level: Clr 8, Drd 8
Innate Level: 7
Component(s): V, S
Casting Time: 1 Action
Range: Medium
Target: Colossal
Duration: 3 Rounds
Counter(s): Create Greater Undead
Saving Throw: Reflex Negates and Reflex half
Spell Resistance: Yes
Metamagic: --
Energy Substitution: No

The caster summons a globe of divine radiance to blind and burn those within the area of effect. Undead take 1d6 points of divine damage per caster level, to a maximum of 20d6. All other monster types take 3d6 points of divine damage, and are blinded for 3 rounds. A successful Reflex save halves the damage for undead and voids blindness for others.