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School ( Subschool ) [ Descriptors ]
Level: Caster Level
Innate Level: Level the spell is countered using universal counter spells
Component(s): V (Verbal), S (Somatic), M (Material), F (Focus) and DF (Divine Focus).
Casting Time: The time required to cast a spell.
Range: Maximum distance from the character at which the spell can affect a target.
Target: Lists the number of creatures, dimensions, volume, weight, and so on, that the spell affects.
Duration: How long the spell lasts.
Counter(s): Additional counter spells
Saving Throw: Whether a spell allows a save, what type, and the effect.
Spell Resistance: Does spell resistance (SR) resists this spell.
Metamagic: Metamagic feats you can use with this spell
Energy Substitution: Yes or No

Descriptive Text - This portion of the spell description details what the spell does and how it works -

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Note: The category entries (above) will be automatically added from the spell Name and School template entries, so do not add them again as categories. Also, the School entry is automatically wiki-formatted, so only use the plain name (Not [[Magic:School|School]]).