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This is the school to which the spell belongs. Schools of magic are groups of related spells that work in similar ways.

A wizard who chooses to specialize in a school of magic gains one additional prepared spell per level but loses the ability to cast spells from one other school. A wizard does not have to specialize, thus keeping access to all spells.

"Universal" refers to a spell that belongs to no school.

The Eight Schools of Magic

Magic School Prohibited School Summary
Abjuration Conjuration Protective spells
Conjuration Transmutation Summoning spells
Divination Illusion Information spells
Enchantment Illusion Controlling spells
Evocation Conjuration Energy manipulating spells
Illusion Enchantment Deceptive spells
Necromancy Divination Life altering spells
Transmutation Conjuration Transformation spells

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