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Angadar Small.jpg

Colors: Dark Blue and Light Blue, trimmed in Silver

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Worshipper's Alignment: Any non-chaotic

Area of Control: Drangonari Elves, Arcane Knowledge, Deceit, Trickery, Psionics

Clerical Domains: Evil, Knowledge, Magic, Trickery

Religious Orders: The Web of Angadar

Center of Worship: Grantir

Angadar was originally the god of Arcane Knowledge only. Arcane knowledge is defined as any facts pertaining to magic spells, artifacts, items, people, places, deities, and other things. Casual followers of Angadar seek his knowledge for a number of reasons ranging from helpful to odious. However, the more serious followers of Angadar know that Arcane Knowledge, as Angadar sees it, is to be used as a weapon. "He who dies with the most knowledge... does not die." That's the general motto of Angadar's faithful.

Not too long before the beginning of the Second Fairy War, Angadar was involved with the death of the goddess Tianna, lover of Valok and former goddess of Deceit and Trickery. He was able to assume her mantle as a product of her death circumstances, and although Tianna's followers did not believe it at first (must be another one of her tricks), they eventually warmed up to Angadar. Consequently, it is not uncommon to hear his name uttered on the lips of a crafty cove, or bonafide liar.

Angadar has a diverse population worshipping him. He created the race of Drangonari Elves as his own, and many associate him with them. However, he also has a great following among non-elven users of magic. Elven mages are often loathe to follow him. The union of Arcane Knowledge with Deceit and Trickery has enhanced Angadar's power and made him very dangerous. Knowledge is power, but Knowledge put to manipulative and deceitful use is just downright nasty. Devout followers of Angadar recognize the reason why Angadar is the god of Arcane Knowledge: obtaining power.

Angadar is the patron of all those who seek power through gaining knowledge of magic and other arcane facts. As a mortal, Angadar worked very hard to amass as much power and magic as he could in order to advance himself. Becoming the most powerful spellcaster in history was always his goal, since his oppressive youth.

On a personal level, Angadar was always extremely subtle and elegant in his dealings. Those who made deals with Angadar often found themselves fullfilling something they never meant to fullfil earlier. He always had ways of twisting the truth to his advantage. Thus, the mantle of deceit and trickery became something he eventually coveted from Tianna as a means to gain more power. Now that he is both lord of arcane knowledge, and deceit and trickery he is constantly finding new means to extend his influence among gods and mortals, be they wizards or not.

Angadar was a psion when he was a mortal. In 2261 O.D. through unknown means Angadar gained control of the Mind Wind in Avlis and added psionics to his portfolio. Many non-drangonari psions have turned to worship him, hoping for increased enlightenment that will lead to more psionic power.

Angadar's most popular followers tend to be greedy spellcasters, psions and rogues who are interested in serving him in return for a chance to sharpen their skills to gain power. However, Angadar only accepts those who are subtle and indirect in their methods. Chaos is not tolerated.

Elysia has a temple to Angadar, and Deglos has a shrine.