Aryeh Gidol

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Aryeh Gidol.jpg

Home Plane: The Beastlands

Symbol: A likeness of a female human with a lion's tail

Colors: Gold and Brown

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Worshipper's Alignment: Any

Area of Control: Wemics

Clerical Domains: Animal, Protection

Aryeh Gidol is the mother figure and goddess of wemics. They refer to her generally as "The Great Mother", and it is uncommon to hear her mentioned by name. Aryeh Gidol was once a mortal human woman who was taken as a lover by the god Mikon, which resulted in the birth of their son, Balgar, who created wemics. Later on, Aryeh's existence was preserved by Mikon, for he could not bear to watch her age and die, and she soon came to be equally worshiped by the wemics next to her son.

Primarily, The Great Mother watches over the family life and well-being of wemics. She is credited with providing their food and sustenance, and is the keeper of wemic lineage, which is matrilineal. Wemic groups, also known as prides, have shrines to The Great Mother, which they value as a center for their small community. About half of all prides have clerics to The Great Mother, and once per year the clerics all convene in an unknown location to catch up on religious and tribal matters.

It is highly unusual for non-wemics to worship this deity, though there have been some known cases where beings have had great affinity with wemics and have had their worship accepted by Aryeh Gidol.