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Greater (native): Gorethar | O'Ma | Dru'El | Toran | Mikon | Forian | Valok | Aarilax | Maleki
Greater (foreign): Clangeddin | Titania | Corellon Larethian | Tobin | Ptah | Gruumsh | Blibdoolpoolp
Intermediate: Andrinor | Dagath | Hurine | Ingoren | Mishlekh
Lesser: Angadar | Berryn | Dra'Nar | Dre'Ana | Fegall | Senath | Skern | Ti'si'faan | Verossa | Vorin | Wilsash | Yeraiah
Demi: Aryeh Gidol | Balgar | Cha'reth | Evrak | Harpinger | Kelvos | Keros | Lesa | Naren | Paragus | Pelar | Ra-Ghul | Stephanus | The'ton | Xenon | Zhitaril

Symbol: A fouled anchor and albatross

Colors: Navy Blue, Sea Green, Red

Alignment: True Neutral

Worshippers' Alignment: Any

Area of Control: Sailors, Ocean

Clerical Domains: Air, Protection, Travel, Water

Sailors for a safe voyage on the sea rely upon Ingoren. However, Ingoren is a very moody divinity, and his temperament sometimes results in violence. When he is in a good mood, the seas are calm. In contrast, when his mood is bad, Ingoren would strike the surface of the water with a trident and cause storms, shipwrecks and drowning.

Many sailors worship another god in addition to Ingoren, it is considered very bad luck to have a crew member who does not follow the Patron of the Seas at least to some degree. The origins of Ingoren are confused at best. Many believe he was an Elven Sailor of great skill who was able to read the weather with such accuracy that he was never caught by surprise and always had smooth voyages. Others believe he was a great Pirate, possibly human or Half-elven again with great skill at the navigation of the open seas.

It is generally considered that his ascension to godhood was granted because of some favor done for the God Mikon. What this favor was is unknown and the truth of it is still argued. Little of this matters to Ingoren apparently, as his followers believe both stories and heated arguments often occur aboard ship by followers of both stories.

There is no real organized church of Ingoren, his temples tend to be little more than a shrine at the end of a pier jutting into the cold ocean waters. Most vessels have a small shrine to Ingoren located on the fo'castle of the ship or near the bowsprit. This small shrine symbolizes how Ingoren leads the vessel.

Clerics of Ingoren are few and far between, all are or were once saliors and were often captains of the vessel they sailed on, but not always. Occasionally, retired sailor/clerics of Ingoren will take residence on the waterfront and maintain a small shrine to Ingoren. This retired seaman will often bless seagoing vessels for a small contribution to the shrine.

Ingoren is worshipped by many in the the Kurathene Empire and Andarr where he has his only large temple. There is also a smaller temple in Stalwart. In southern Negaria, a shrine to him can be found on the Mikona docks. There is the Seamen’s Memorial Chapel and Shrine in Eastshore.

Legends commonly attribute druidic powers to merfolk. There are stories of Ingoren granting such powers to landborn folk as well, as long as they spend their lives at sea.

Out Of Character Information Most clerics of Ingoren would most likely be dual classed PCs usually with fighter or rogue but occasionally barbarian (pirates mostly). This does not mean that a full single class cleric of ingoren doesnt happen, it is just incredibly rare.