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Note: This is a historic entry for an Order of Andrinor's Trust. For currently active guilds, please see: Academy of Mortal Magic Houses
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Red Order of the Flame

Philosophy: Originality, Inclusiveness, Freedom as cited in The The Red Order of the Flame

Restrictions: Wizards and Sorcerers Only

Bases: Visimontium: High Temple of Andrinor, Tower of the Red Order. Mikona: Red Order Tower. Zvidureth: Red Manor


High Mage Council Members

Other Members of Note:

Advanced Mage Specializations (AMS)

  • Jonatan Shadowbreath (1st Rank)


  • Lily Greenfingers (3rd Rank)


  • Kate Benneset (Teacher Rank)


  • Flenken Jolliemausch (3rd)


  • Kassha Firehart (Teacher Rank)

Shadow Matter Illusionist

  • Harlow Ju'eilo (3rd Rank)

Wild Mage

  • Pia (1st Rank)
  • Gann Eider (3rd Rank)
  • Arglebargle Rumpleslitz Ritzleyhopper Dinklehoffer (3rd Rank)
  • Fabello (Teacher Rank)

Members currently on an extended leave of study.


The Red Order of the Flame is the reincarnation of the Yellow Order of the Old Fold of Nine. Since its founding, the Red Order has held closely to the core philosophies of Andrinor, God of Mortal Magic, including absolute freedom in practice of the Art. Over time, it has increased its relationship with the Church of Andrinor, developing a generation of theurges (practitioners of both Divine and Arcane magics) dedicated to spreading the Will and Art of the Arcane Lord. The Red Order also believes in using magic to help normal people live day to day and seeks to help these same people learn to not fear and even accept magic and to help develop the arcane talents of those that wish it. It has also become a leading body of research into wild magic. Though it is the smallest of the Mage Orders, the Reds claim a greater percentage of Andrinorans than any other order.


To become an Initiate of the Red Order of the Flame, one need only have the sponsorship of the Order. Sponsorship comes either from acknowledgment by an officer, or being apprenticed to a Red Mage in good standing. Initiates are expected to be enrolled in the Academy of Mortal Magic in Visimontium's academic district. Seeking out tutoring by an experienced Red Mage is highly recommended, though not required. To become a mage fully vested the Red Order of the Flame, one must bear the Mark of Andrinor's Trust, acquired after graduating from the Academy. Mages bearing the Mark of Andrinor's Trust need not go through the Initiate process to join the Red Order.

Though many among the Red Order are faithful of Andrinor, one does -not- need to worship Andrinor to join.

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