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Elyl Ka'aestar

Physical Traits

Standing of average height to that of his kin Elyl, for those ever being able to see more than an outward covering of cloth, would behold a rather peculiar specimen. Naturally being of ghost-kin his skin would be of a lighter tone yet his color seems even more faded than the rest. One could argue this due to unhealthy living or mal-nourishment yet his complexion is well kept and clean voiding any notion of ill-being. More disturbing are the dead-yellow eyes staring back at you which are guarded by sparkling white outer frames which can be seen when his matted down deep light-blonde hair is cast aside.. Overall Elyl would seem as if a childish-corpse refusing to go with the flow of death and stubborningly stay alive and well in the mortal coil.

Not too many identifying marks are apparent along his frame save one eye-catching clean scar across the leangth of his left palm. As precise and harmless as it appears self-pain wasnt the inteded outcome for whatever reason he allowed this. Hanging from his sash along his robe are two blades and a small wand commonly seen being held by fairies, this one having 'fall' delicately caved into the side in Fae. Along his neck rests a platinum ring of well kept brilliance fastened around him by a small chain which never is taken off. Coursing over his robe is various phrases not all of which can easily be identified as to their native language, though common theme of those that can be noted seem to contain phrases of protection.

Madness or Questionable Clockwork

While most people can be read like a book, Elyl has never been predictable unless truly understood by others that one cannot expect him to act rationally. While on the outside it would seem he is easily swayed by outside interferences, those close may comment on how collective is inner workings are. Always filled with a lack of understanding of his own path, which he swear to himself he has, this lost mind spends all too much concern over his own designs, questioning his every step. True, his 'madness' can be traced back to one series of events leading to a terrible climax but what fun is the story if actually read instead of guessing what the title means? Its not like he will willingly share his past in public and its doubtful he has ever given a full account to anyone.

While he may admit openly about following Forian ( as if its some grand secret ), he does so for rather odd reasons. Not really one to be told where his limitations are or just what is socially acceptable of him, he still buys into the belief that a structure is needed. Mainly following Forian with a tie into the arcane he aspires that through greater intuition he can develop some manner or an understanding into the working of true chaos- how to flow with it, bend it enough for his aim, or simply direct it to through the competition off ( which raises the question just how heavy a competition is in a tournament of one... )

After being enlightened on the workings and true art of a Wild Mage, he takes the study personal. While many, including his own friends and Reds, become wary just being around him or speak down about his 'talents' he defends his passion to no end. Considering it a true path not only to what the arcane and vortex really are but also just another step towards his understanding of chaos, he weaves both to suit his own end.


While Elyl still does talk with many people he tends to wander about so much he doesn't keep to one person for too long, save one. Some of his more closely regarded friends would be:

  • Da'emona — Elyl's oldest friend from as long as he can possibly remember. Seeing a female of his kin about and making a name for herself showed him that any can forge their own path.
  • Tralil Breck — always confided anything with him and was his closest friend while he was in Ivory. Even now that he isnt with them, Elyl still does what he can to remain good friends with him.
  • Micah Ormane — while when they first met they were opposites on the side of the arcane Elyl still views her as one of the very few people he can fully trust.
  • Fade — Elyl's wife. On the surface not much can be noticed from this as it would seem a normal relationship but truely it wasnt the smoothest affair ever. Now, though, one could easily tell the devotion Elyl has to his wife by simply hearing the love and ferver he has on his voice when speaking of or to her.
  • Fergus Goodmane — another friend from before Elyl joined the Trust and a contant good friend to speak with over anything.
  • Nikki Amakiir — first glance seeing how Nikki and Elyl speak to each other wouldnt really seem as if they get along but in reality its nearly something like siblings go through.
  • Day — another one of Elyl's oldest friends and someone whom he has eventually begun to refer to as "sister" despite the lack of being in the same group or even of the same race.
  • Miriel Hana — once upon a day they met, two elves just strangers. Sometimes the stars like to play tricks though and as time moved on they developed a peculiar friendship, whether out of default necessity or because they share similar approaches
  • Amand Xilo — maybe a true marker about just how whimsical Elyl's mind can be. For the longest time he wanted nothing to do with the now Ebony Archmage, but as time moved on things became better.


Is Elyl even capable of holding grudges? Does he let vengeful feelings fester in him slowly? Quite hard to tell at times as his outward nature is so sporratic he never seems to stay angry for more than a few hours. Though at least one can be noted he doesnt like much at all:

  • Miette — after the period of time where Andrinor blessed many mages across Avlis lines were seemed to be drawn over the different specialties in the art. The Blue mage openly frowned on Elyl's approach to no end and Elyl was left with no choice to bite back just as hard about his passion.