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Regardless of which template you use, don't forget to add {{PC}} on top of your page. This will evoke the box on the right of this page. Remember to also add your PC's page to the relevant category, i.e. add the following on the bottom of the page: [[Category:ElysiaPCs|Blackfist, Krator]]

Template One

The simple, functional template without stuff. Using this won't earn you an Epic Article award but it's useful if you have little time, and want to get rid of a stub.

Do not edit this page if you want to use this template. Instead, please copy the text below the word Source on the right-hand side. The source text is what you need to make a box like what you see on the left. Copy it from here and paste it into another page and then edit it to suit your needs.

|Name=Krator Blackfist
Krator Blackfist
Race: Human
Classes: Sorcerer
Guild affiliations: Julaspium
Most active on server: Elysia
Contact: Leave a message