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Fergus Q. Goodmane

Vital Stats

Fergus Goodmane, Archmage of the White

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Wizard (Evoker)/Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Good
Residence: Visimontium, M'Chek
Affiliations and Titles:

Former Affiliations



Those who see Fergus the White Mage often remark on the brilliance of his clothing. In his full regalia, he is a spectacle of light, enshrouded in immaculate alabaster robes adorned with polished gold ornaments, shining bright, multicolored light from several luminous artifacts upon his person. He often has censers, chalices, bottles of holy water and other minor holy relics fastened at the ready on his belt and wrists. He is seldom seen without his staff, an ancient-looking length of bleached ash wood with gilded ends that shines with a pulsing, warm light, and is often carrying an aged sword in a beautiful ruby-runed scabbard and a strange composite bow.

When he is out of his finery, however, Fergus seems like an average elderly gentleman. He appears to be in his mid eighties, though he is most likely much older. He often stands slightly hunched, leaning on a staff or cane, and moves rather slowly and stiffly, his thin frame seemingly tested to its limit bearing even his meager weight. His weathered, wrinkled face is framed by platinum-colored hair and a neatly-trimmed silver beard and mustache. Gold-rimmed round spectacles perch upon his face, slightly magnifying his steel-blue eyes.

Personality and Philosophy

Fergus is a patient, thoughtful individual who prefers debate, discussion and reclusive scholasticism to adventuring and combat. He has spent countless hours speaking with people of all races and beliefs, discussing any and all topics of ethics and morality, arcana and history. He is a teacher first and foremost, always ready and willing to share what knowledge he has on any subject.

Fergus believes that good lies within all things. He tries to lead by example, and guide people towards righteousness and truth. He knows that evil is best removed from the world and has lofty ideals about what sort of society he feels would be best for everyone to live in. However, he is not one to go out and wield a sword and spell against just any threat that arises (he generally strives to be a pacifist) - rather, he prefers to engage others in debate and share points of view, and challenge their assumptions about what is best for all, and best for themselves.

Most who know Fergus know that he generally has a friendly, lighthearted demeanor, though he will from time to time be grumpy and aloof and is capable of being utterly serious when necessary. He brings up his aches and pains in conversation often, as he has taken to marking time with the coming and going of arthritic flare-ups, back aches, and other maladies of age. When he speaks, it is in a gentle, breathy tenor, with only the slightest traces of a Mikonan accent dancing around the edge of his articulate voice. When he smiles, his eyes shine with compassion and happiness. Fergus is honest almost to a fault, and tends to trust others until they do something to undermine that trust.


Family Tree

Fergus is the son of Swinton Goodmane and Julia Corman Goodmane. His known ancestry can be seen here. He has no known living relatives.


Fergus is descended from a long line of Mikonan blacksmiths who became relatively wealthy dealing arms and armor during the early days of the M'Chek-T'Nanshi war. Growing up in comfort and living most of his life in Mikona, he stayed behind while his brother and later his adopted son joined the M'Chekian Army to fight for their nation. Few know for certain why he gave up his family's small inheritance and his devout faith in Mikon to begin studying the arcane at such an advanced age, but it is known that he began his second career shortly after the death of his wife around a half century ago.

Early Years, Elysia

When he first began his new career, Fergus spent a short while in Mikona, learning the basics of his newfound art and meeting a few of the local heroes (and villains). However, M'Chek was at war, and he grew weary of the tales of bloodshed that continued to come back from the front daily. He saved up enough gold to purchase passage to the then-neutral city state of Elysia. There he happened to meet Jarius Hana, a mage of the Ivory, who taught him about Andrinor's Trust and took him on as an initiate to the Ivory. It was through involvement in the Ivory that Fergus was able to overcome his dislike for elves, the race that fought against his homeland and slew his closest kin. Through working alongside Nanshi of the Ivory, he learned that they, too, were a good, beautiful people with many of the same strengths and weaknesses of any mortal race.

Fergus made several lasting friends in the Ivory, most notably Lafreth Theoalideth, Tralil Breck, Elyl Kae'star and Rith Alow. His formative years as a magus were spent protecting Elysia from Titanian fey assaults at the outset of the second fairy war as well as playing a significant role in the destruction of the escaped pale master Zevarion and mending of the Seal of Ages. As the war to the east escalated, he also played a part in the discovery and dissemination of a secret alliance between M'Chek, Drotid, and the Unseelie court of Titania. Fergus was present at the initial overtly hostile action taken by the Drotid against Elysia, and it was at the casting of the very first firey salvo at this new threat that Fergus received the Mark of Andrinor's Trust upon his shoulder. Elysia's innocence quickly faded with the coming of the Drotid. Fergus saw, again, thoughts turning to war and distrust, as his homeland was cast in the worst light by many. He knew that strife had come to Elysia, and were he to be in residence there, he would find himself at odds with his countrymen. When war was formally declared between Elysia and M'Chek, he again boarded a ship, this time bound for home.

Homecoming, Mikona

It was, perhaps, fortuitous that Fergus returned to M'Chek, for the demiliches Lobera and Ibrasis had rekindled their centuries-old rivalry. The Archmage of the Ivory, D'Anjal Veskander-Rai, succumbed in single battle to Lobera, who then inhabited D'Anjal's body, preventing his return to the mortal world. Lafreth stepped into D'Anjal's place at the order's head, and soon thereafter took on Fergus as an apprentice and appointed him Senior Mage of Mikona for the Ivory. Fergus served as best he could, but because the majority of Ivory's magi lived in the central nations, he rarely saw his brethren. He turned instead to his newfound friends and associates in Mikona.

Shortly after taking on the Senior Mage position, Fergus became embroiled in the plot to destroy Lobera and the Najera Artifacts. He wielded the Hammer of Lithandiel against Lobera, slaying the demi-lich in his lair.

After the destruction of Lobera, Fergus settled into his surroundings and began to work, behind the scenes and with the aid of his mentor Lafreth, towards the refounding of the White Order. The Academy of Mortal Magic accepted him as a lecturer of post-Andrinor history, and he began his career as a teacher. He defended Mikona from assaults by the Black Cult of Xenon, provided aid to Elysia during the plague quarantine, and led a research team responsible for a breakthrough in finding a cure to the M'Chekian strain of the plague. When settlers left for Visimontium, Fergus was part of the Ivory contingent that protected the camps around Finmaegan during the first wave, and escorted the settlers across the border from Bachwood in the second wave.

A New Order of the Trust

Soon, the Ivory Order split, and Fergus took on the mantle of Archmage, refounding the White Order of the Light with Terra Earthkin, Aria Ashby, and Dalabrin Gillivray. Upon founding the Order, he took up residence in Visimontium to be closer to mage politics. Little did he know how close he would get.

Soon after his move, shadowy figures began appearing around Visimontium. It was quickly discovered that these were Angadaran drangonari terrorists, seeking to destroy the new city built in Andrinor's name and leverage more control of the Mortal Magic Vortex. Fergus fought in many battles defending the city against the drangonari raiders, though throughout he vigorously advocated a peaceful resolution to his more battle-minded peers. It was only on the final day of battle, as a Grantiri delegation made its way to Visimontium, that Fergus sought out battle, as wave upon wave of Angadaran combatants descended upon the city and destroyed the homes and lives of many innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. He helped hold the city against the raiders, though his mind was crushed by a powerful psion near the end.

When the flame of war had finally flickered out, Fergus helped organize a spring festival to restore a sense of hope and community to the city and raise funds for rebuilding. He oversaw an auction that raised over four million gold for the restoration of the city.

Fergus the Archmage

For a while, Fergus spent a lot of time in M'Chek, often seen travelling with his close friend Dame Moira Celyn-Windspar. When Dame Moira ran for a seat in the Common House, Fergus stood alongside her, helping her with her campaign. A while ago, he assisted in the destruction of a remnant of an ancient evil that was cursing the treants in the Geritri forest in Visimontium. His faith and love of Gorethar has grown exponentially since his conversion years ago, and he is now a very devoted follower of the battlelord. Fergus completed his apprenticeship to his mentor and confidant since the early days of his career, Lafreth Theoalideth, and has taken on an apprentice of his own. He lead the High Mage Council initiative to disband the necromantic cult Turiva Ilnuru, negotiating extradition with governments and arguing and educating publically. He was also seen often in the Forests of T'Nanshi during the rise and eventual downfall of the Evrakian Bonds, and, though the White Order is known to have aided in more than a few efforts against the Bonds, it is not known to what extent the Archmage might have participated.


When demonic forces rose across the continent and the black shards began appearing, Fergus at first was adamant about resisting their progress. However, Fergus' forays into the hills and forests around Visimontium became less and less frequent, as his will to destroy the demonic invaders was no longer a match for his failing body. After assisting Kieron and Vlad Hurst in their research into White Necromancy, Fergus took to studying the art himself. Since then, Fergus rediscovered the complete art of White Necromancy and worked to spread his newly discovered arcana amongst like-minded mages in the Trust. However before he could teach the art as much as he wished to, Fergus stepped down from his Archmage seat, relinquishing it to his longtime friend and confidant Aria Ashby. Upon his retirement from leadership, he was granted the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a mage of the White, the honor "Servant of the Light," as well as being named the White Order's Chief Loremaster. He also retired from an active adventuring life, instead focusing on White Necromancy and gathering lore for the White's use. When the Trust retook the mountains from the demonic forces besieging the city, Fergus helped as he could in the wave that halted the demonic counterattack and pushed them all the way back to Mennallin tower. He closed down his shop in the Mikona farmer's market due to extortion threats that endangered the shopkeeper's life, reopening in Zvidureth, T'Nanshi.


For a long time, Fergus was not seen nor heard from, except for the occasional sight of him near his home in Visimontium. He would come and go from the White Tower, shuffling through the library, and would visit the chapel of Gorethar in the temple district daily, or as his health allowed. His excursions became more and more infrequent, eventually ceasing altogether. During this time, visitors clad in vestments of the Gorethar and Cha'reth faiths would come to his cottage for visits. It was rumored that the old mage's health was failing and that he could pass on at any moment. In truth, he was close to being on his deathbed, his organs failing and his will to live flagging, and only the administration of Cha'reth's healing kept him from dying.

Recent History

Unknown to most is the impetus for Fergus' return. Those who have seen him since he began venturing out again may notice he seems to have been returned to good health and good spirits. His ever-present ruby-runed scabbard has been replaced with a longsword of ancient design, the scabbard inlaid with archaic dwarven runes of silver. His headband of intellect, the "Smart Hat," has been replaced by an antique great helm of unknown origin, which he wears almost all the time. Moreover, those who have seen him may notice he stands a little straighter and walks a little surer than he has in decades. Fergus was sighted by several, traveling quickly from place to place and acting as if he was being followed. However more recently he has been appearing publicly more often, and his demeanor seems to be significantly less paranoid. What it all means remains to be seen. Fergus has notably been in T'Nanshi, Elysia, and M'Chek, catching up with old acquaintances and following the progress of what he calls "the War of Drotidian Agression," as well as working with the Trust to thwart the lich Hallimancus.


Fergus moves in many circles, through his various facets as M'Chekian citizen, Visimontium resident, Mage, fighter of evil, and common man. He has many friends and associates, but few close confidants. He can sometimes be seen with the following people:

White Order of the Light - Fergus has close relationships with many of his fellow White mages, and admires and trusts them implicitly.
Lafreth Theoalideth - Fergus has completed his apprenticeship to the reclusive planewalker and former Ivory Archmage, but they remain good friends and share a deep respect for each other.
Moira Celyn Callindraes - Fergus' closest friend, the two of them have worked together on several projects, most recently Dame Moira's bid for the Common House.
Rika Vandor - The healer of Cha'Reth who kept Fergus' arthritic joints from becoming unusable, also one of his close friends. He was not able to attend her funeral.
Tralil Breck - They came up in the Ivory ranks together and were both Archmages of their respective orders. Tralil has not been heard from for some time.
Hert Snyder - A man for whom Fergus has the utmost respect.
Micah Elizabeth Ormane - There are few in the world so diametrically different, yet they have a strange respect for each other. The two of them can sometimes be seen together in Visimontium and northern Deglos, deep in debate.
Moderator Miette Hartley - Fergus and Miette have been friends since they first got to know each other years ago. Though they tend to sometimes give each other headaches, Fergus respects the fiery sorceress for both her arcane prowess and commitment to the Trust.
Ellowin Kiff - Fergus and Ellowin have become good friends over the past few years, sitting for tea by a roaring fire or exploring the nooks and crannies of the spiritland together.
Thror Stormhammer - Whether it be sharing an ale or two (or three), or venturing forth into righteous battle, Fergus enjoys working alongside the fiercely good Arch Paladin (Thror's general disdain for mages notwithstanding).
Losin Rockhands - Fergus has recently gotten to know the dwarven woman, and has a great deal of admiration for her stout heart and great skill in battle.
Thorfinn Kiff - Fergus and the Speaker have developed a deep friendship and mutual respect over the years, and sometimes can be seen sneaking off to discuss matters of import.


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Fergus is played by Pathos Street
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"Fergus Goodmane: a pillar of the Trust and do-gooders society who will make you feel bad about being evil."

"Fergus as always is never willing to compromise his principles. Dangerously intelligent and witty and always able to bring some sanity to the insanity that is Elysia, Zvidureth, Mikona, etc."

"Knowledgeable, wise, and fearless, Fergus defines awesomeness."

"Fergus Goodmane represents a truly genuine personality that simply oozes immersion."

"Fergus is fabulous. He's the oldest, wisest character I know, and is consistently well played as that. I want this guy to be my grandfather."

"Any evening with Fergus is a fun evening... it's guaranteed."

"Fergus is one of the best played mages in Avlis. You never do know quite what to expect from him."

"Fergus Goodmane - Whenever I RP with Fergus I am consistently impressed with his characterization. His thoughtful and interesting comments when discussing philosophy and the believability of his mannerisms really make me feel as if I am there in that place with him."

"Of all the current PC's on avlis, I have not encountered one who at least seems as good as Fergus. I can't say he's made Damar feel bad for being teh evil, but he can make the player feel it. He's like the Male Glinda, good witch of the north."

"While many players create a justification to the PC in a backround Pathos doesnt ... Instead his backround is exactly what you would expect from talking to a well traveled old man. Him getting in depth in past memories of Fergus' childhood which consist of random events truly portray an old persona remembering the "good old days." ... he really is the kind of G aligned player that makes you think. Interactions around him on a personal level as both my main and my alt really make you question just what is "good" with scenarios and questions that arent meant to be answered but open not only your PCs thoughts but forcing the player behind to not only further justify or adept the PC to what a notion of goodly behavior is but also question at the same time what the player's thoughts are on the subject with RL concepts.

.... of cource in OOC conversations he really has the mentality of a 12 year old"

"The kind of good that makes you feel dirty for playing evil. I can't get enough of Teh Fergus."