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White Order of the Light

About Us

Honor. Compassion. Discipline.

The White Order of the Light is a society of mages within the Trust of Andrinor. Like all mage orders, its primary area of expertise and focus is within the Arcane; however, as the Arcane affects nearly every other aspect of life, so too is the Order actively involved in other areas. Within this grand scope of influence, members of the White Order of the Light strive to be examples of lawful, responsible members of societies, cultures and organizations; holding that only through just laws can the rights and privileges of individuals be protected and upheld. Because of this, the three attributes of the White's philosophy are:
Honor: Composing oneself with integrity and accountability, never compromising for personal gain or leniency.
Compassion: Striving to understand the needs of others and place them before the needs of self, with the understanding that one must not forsake oneself entirely lest the ability to care for others be lost.
Discipline: Holding oneself accountable to the highest standard of character, integrity and activity. Contemplating the ramifications of one's actions and refraining from rash or irrational behavior.
Only through practicing all three of these tenets can a mage of the White Order serve as a beacon of hope and justice in every aspect of their lives. The means are every bit as important as the end itself.


PC members:

Active Members

Vanar Alhaldren
Fergus Goodmane

Rosaline Lightforger
Bertha Shalebreaker

Inactive Members

Micah Elizabeth Ormane
Sylux Raynes
Sephira Everliss Raynes
Jenny Hallendon
Jessica Paragon
Unen Yana
Aria Ashby
Arwan Mylwen
Terra Earthkin
Erriss Nerivenne
Dalabrin Gillivray
Aramil Fynn
Vidian Maidenhart

Caldo Teneglen
Solomon Umn
Muerik Ashalo

Out of Character Information

Who can join: Only characters with the wizard or sorcerer class can join, and of a mindset compatible with the White Order's ideals. It is not required that your character be a follower of any specific deity to join.

Base: Visimontium (where we have a nice tower). Many White mages also call Elysia home. We are working on building a tower in the south!

Description: One of the mage orders of Andrinor's Trust. We're always growing, and are looking for even more active members.

What we do: The White Order of the Light is a group of wizards and sorcerers that use magic to help others and uphold justice. We work with other guilds as well as on our own to further the ideals of good and truth, fight evil, perform charitable acts, etc. Arcane magic, to a White Mage, is a tool, one that should be used to help others, protect the innocent and underprivileged, better societies in which they live, and through this better oneself. But it is also worthy as an end to work towards. Working to strike a balance between the world of magic, which is inherently chaotic, with the importance of virtue and honor is one of the most compelling parts of being a mage of the White.

What to expect: Lots of fun, thought-provoking RP, outings and events, and inclusion in some of the more interesting goings-on in Avlis. In-character research and tutoring on spellcasting, good, law, etc. We need people that love to RP, and that want to get involved. Come be a part of it!

What is expected of you: Any mage who finds themselves wanting to use their magic to help others may attempt to join, and the amount of involvement in the Order is entirely up to you. We have an involved initiation period which can take up to a few months, and some IC rules about how magic can and cannot be used, in keeping with the ideals of a compassionate, honorable, and disciplined order. For example, we have very restrictive rules about necromancy-school and mind-control spells.

Note: It is suggested that you speak to as many orders of the Trust as possible, to find the one that is the best fit for your character.

How to Contact Us

Send an In-Character note to...

Members: Vanar Alhaldren (PM Vanar) or Fergus Goodmane (PM Fergus)
Great Mage of Relations: Heather Aimos (OOC: DM-run NPC, PM Plethora)

...or find a member or initiate In-Game!