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Note: This is a historic entry for an Order of Andrinor's Trust. For currently active guilds, please see: Academy of Mortal Magic Houses
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Historic Mage Orders
White Ivory Green
Blue Ashen Red
Gold Ebony Violet

Philosophy: Duty, Balance, Discipline

Who can join: Wizards and Sorcerers


A garden usually has many elements to it, different plants and flowers. In most cases they thrive well, but they thrive best when they have someone who tends to it, someone who prunes here and plants there, someone who gives the natural chaos some structure - a gardener. As it is the duty of the gardener to tend to his garden, it is the duty of our Order to tend to all those using the Arcane Art and to make them prosper. It is our desire to bring out the best in a mages through proper disciplining of his or her art. - Excerpt from The Blue Order of the Sky

The Blue Order of The Sky sees its mission as tending to all those using the Arcane Arts. The order acts to bring out the best in mages through proper discipline and enforcement of all agreed-upon rules and dictates of The Trust. The Blue Order of The Sky also focuses on research, hard study, discipline and organization. Mentor-student relationships are highly encouraged between newer and more seasoned members. Another secondary goal is to safeguard against mages who abuse their powers, often aiding authorities in dealing with insane renegades or outlaw mages. Members frequently cite the disaster of the Great War, caused by Orcish mages, as an example of the consequences of abuse and lack of oversight for magical powers.

The Blue Order of The Sky refrains from becoming tied up in issues of morality because it sees itself as being above the moral conventions of respective nations, regions, and environments as defining what is right and what is wrong. For this organization, right and wrong are clearly dictated by the law. Many mages within the order feel inclined to join local law enforcement authorities specifically because of this regard for the law, no matter its content. Thus, for them, judgements about the proper or improper use of the arcane arts rest solely with the laws of The Trust and the local area in that order, not morality. Since local law varies with location, so does the acceptable use of magic to a certain extent, as long as the overarching laws of The Trust which take precedence are obeyed.

Above all mortal laws are the laws of the gods and magic. These draw the interest of the membership more keenly. Few if any claim to know and understand all the laws of arcane magic or its many secrets, so there is ample room to grow and acquire more knowledge. This is why the Blue Order of The Sky stresses research as one of its most favorable pursuits.

As a Lawful organization with a wide membership base spanning the continent of Negaria and beyond, the Blue Order of The Sky operates as a hierarchical structure. Initiates sit at the lowest entry point and though they do not get to vote on concerns brought before the organization, they can verbally contribute. Member mages make up most of the organization and have voting rights. One step above the member mages are Senior Mages, who are tasked with representing the order in specific jurisdictions. A jurisdiction may be any particular city, nation, or region. The Senior Mages answer to Great Mages, of which there are three at any given time: Great Mage of Relations, Great Mage of Arms, Great Mage of Internal Affairs. Each of these officers has frequent access to the Archmage and acts as the voice of the order in most matters.

The Blue Order of The Sky enforces organizational laws and policies through a layered system of managing councils. The Archmage’s Council makes decisions by majority vote regarding the organization’s rules and diplomatic concerns. It is led by the Archmage and composed of all officers of the order and any number of member mages appointed by the Archmage or any Great Mage of the order. The Great Mage Council consists only of the Archmage and the three Great Mages. Compared to the Archmage’s Council, this group only meets rarely. Its prime function is to decide punishments for those that violate the rules of the order, or to discuss threats to security that are best left away from the prying ears of the membership. Finally, the representatives that sit on the High Mage Council of Avlis are selected by the Archmage and tasked with representing the order to The Trust.

The current Archmage leading the order is Alistair Vlaine whose duties are split between leading the Blue Order of The Sky, acting as part of the government of the mageocratic city of Visimontium, and sitting on the High Mage Council of The Trust. Most administrative buildings, bases and personnel of the organization are located in Visimontium, including the Archmage. Nevertheless, the Archmage travels when necessary as the business of the order requires. A secondary base of operations for the order is in Derrington Keep in M’Chek and a third forward operating base is in the Cytheria region of the old Kurathene Empire.

Depending on which mage order is considered, relations between the Blue Order of The Sky and the rest of the Trust are mixed. Nearly all the other orders recognize the organization as a general law enforcement body when it comes to the rules of magecraft. The Blue Order of The Sky and the two other Lawful orders of The Trust all see the Nine Orders of Magic as subservient to the High Mage Council, where power over the regulation of arcane magic rests. This is in contrast to the Chaotic orders which assert that regulatory powers should lie with the individual orders of magic and their members, and the Neutral orders which favor different practicalities depending on the situation. The other orders of magic also see the Blue Order as a source of knowledge and research with an extremely liberal sense of ownership for any information it uncovers. Since the organization refuses to consider morality in its dealings, it is generally open to sharing whatever arcane knowledge it finds. From the Blue Order’s point of view, these traits speak of fairness and adherence to principle. Other lawful orders, such as the White Order of The Light see it as a lack of spirit or ability to judge with compassion. Chaotic orders sometimes go so far as to actively work against the Blue Order, considering it to be a stifling force that holds back true power and accomplishment with bureaucracy and at times, cruelty.

Though the Nine Orders of Magic are all technically non-regional, each has a slight affinity for one region or another according to its history and the race or culture of its founders. For The Blue Order of The Sky, there is a heavy influence from northern and western Negaria, particularly the areas of the old Kurathene Empire. The original members of this order came from that region and focused their initial efforts on recovering lost magical legacies of the now-defunct empire, and many continue to do so today. Once the city-state of Visimontium was established, the focus of the order shifted somewhat toward the central portion of the continent in order to be a part of the government and administration of the newborn nation state.

Regional Activity

The Blue Order is based heavily in Visimontium (including the Archmage), although it maintains regional activity throughout southern Avlis, where the largest Blue bastion is the tower in Derrington Keep. The Blue Order is also the most active Mage Order in Kurathene, closely tied to the history of the Imperium. A recent mission of the Order in Kurathene has been aiding Cytheria's attempts to push back the barbarians from Halstead.

Current Members


Great Mages:

  • Great Mage of Relations: Marigold Thistletop HMC
  • Great Mage of Arms: Capella Sann NPCs
  • Great Mage of Internal Affairs: Zel'on Val'ik Dal'du'ro NPCs HMC

Senior Mages:

Notable Members:

Advanced Mage Specializations (AMS)

  • Soini Riika (1st Rank)
  • Jacksen Aiken (3rd Rank)

Shadow Matter Illusionist

  • Thomas Bosh (3rd Rank)


  • Peregryne Twostep (2nd Rank)


Any member may be reached by leaving a note at the tower in Visimontium or the tower in Derrington Keep. A note at either of these locations may be addressed to the Archmage or the Great Mage of Relations. Alternatively, a note may also be left at any public messageboard in Avlis, preferably at the Academy of Mortal Magic branches.

Note: Choosing a mage order is not something to be taken lightly. It would be wise to first speak with members from each of the orders, and then decide which one best fits your ideology.