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Age: Unknown

Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Female
Class: Wizard/Rogue/Fighter
Religion: Mikon
Birthplace: Unknown
Current Residence: Visimontium

  • Blue Order of the Sky, Archmage.
  • City Council of Visimontium, Speaker.
  • Academy of Mortal Magic, Chancellor.
  • High Mage Council, Member.
  • Sentinels of Visimontium, Commander.
  • Patrician, Kurathene.

Contact: Send a PM.


Aerill Ailpera

A former follower of Angadar, Aerill Ailpera has changed her own life dramatically by turning to Andrinor's service and soon becoming one of the more prominent figures in Andrinor's Trust. Together with Peregryne Twostep she has helped to reform Blue Order of the Sky and later has replaced him as it's Archmage, still serving in this role up to this day.

However, the role of an Archmage is not the only one Aerill plays in Andrinor's Trust. Upon completion of the initial stages of the construction of Visimontium, the City of Andrinor, her foster father and mentor in the arcane arts Melonius Mennallin has bestowed on her a title of the Speaker and the Moderator of it's City Council. Besides being a member of the City Council she also serves as one of the Officers in the Sentinels, a group responsible for law enforcement and defense of Visimontium. Aerill considers the well-being of Visimontium as her greatest task and the biggest responsibility.

When not looking after Visimontium or her Order, Aerill is usually busy with the Academy of Mortal Magic, the Chancellor of which she has been appointed by the High Mage Council. Having the advantage of a portal linking the towers of Blue Order, she will also be often seen in Kurathene scouring it's libraries, organizing expeditions to recover ancient knowledge from the era of the Fold of Nine, or sometimes taking a more active role in the matters of the City of Kuras, a great city that she claims gives her a lot of inspiration.

Aerill will be seen almost anyplace where important events connected to magic are happening. She played a big role in defense of Visimontium during it's siege by renegade drangonari as one of the Sentinels commanders. Aerill is also known in Kurathene for her aid in locating and defeating Abalaxxarrh, an almost god-like mindflayer who terrorized people of Kuras at night killing thousands, the task for which she gained her patrician status.

Aerill has spent most of her early life in M'Chek, however while she does not know much about her real family or where are they from, she knows that they have moved to Mikona from elsewhere and that M'Chek is not her real homeland.

Personality and Appearance

As a wizard Aerill is quite different from the stereotype usually associated with them, taking advantage of her natural agility and finesse when combining it with magic. In combat she will often engage her opponents in close quarters employing a deadly combination of offensive magic and a rapier, both her body and weapon significantly boosted with the help of Transmutation school. Other than Transmutation, Aerill holds a special interest in Necromancy school, and lately in Divination as well.

The people who know Aerill usually think of her as of a patient, calm, calculating, rational, but also very closed and unemotional woman. Those who know her better however will sometimes claim that she can often be the opposite.

Aerill is a relatively tall (182 cm) and slim human woman with black hair and green eyes looking to be in her late 20s - early 30s usually dressing in blue and black colors and wearing some jewelry made of silver. Aerill does not speak much, but when she does she usually speaks with a calm, but slightly haughty voice. She is however polite and very diplomatic most of the time. Aerill rarely shows much emotion, but she often appears to be lost in thought and aloof of things going on around her.