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Race: Half-Elf
A portrait of Pyracanum

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Gender: Male
Current Age: 49 years
Class: Wizard / Psion
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Residence: Kuras
Affiliations and Titles:

Former Affiliations:

Current Research:

  • Ritual Magic
  • Planar Lore
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Reality Engineering

He stands around 5'11", with an average build and a slight shamble as he walks. His head aswell as the rest of his body is completely hairless, and his facial features are sharp, thick leathery skin barely covering his pronounced cheekbones. More often than not he carries a frown on his lips, his eyes narrowed as he examines those around him with careful consideration.

History and Traits
A private man, very little is known about his past or his family, even those few who are close to him are unaware of his real name or true motivations.

Born and trained as a Psion in the city of Kuras, he later began studies within the Arcane. Once a devout follower of Toran he had decided to travel South as rumours had reached him of the city of Mikona, and their Enforcers, The Sword of Toran. Once there he joined their ranks and for years spent his time in Toran's service delivering justice to those who broke the laws of the city. After sometime, the War between M'Chek and T'Nanshi ended and the government of Mikona decided to release the Sword from their duties. It was at this time a decision was reached for a majority of the Sword to sail north to Kurathene where the need for nuetrality and order was always great. After some inner turmoil Pyracanum left the the service of Toran and spent time in Kuras reflecting on his faith.

To this day, though his faith in Toran has wained, and his harsh attitudes have softened slightly, he remains a proud Magus of the Blue Order of the Sky. He now actively seeks to mend the wounds within Kurathene and help bring peace to what was once the greatest civilization known to any race.

Everything is simply energy vibrating at different levels. The consistant form of these levels are mantained by the universal concept of Order, brought about by the actions of those beings who interact with this plane. Chaos serves to change and deconstruct this order and this creates the reality in which we live. The Prime Material Plane is brought about by the struggle between Order and Chaos, we exist within the grey mists of nuetrality that surrounds them. This however, does not mean we should strive for balance, both Order and Chaos must fight against eachother with their full force for nuetrality to exist. When fighting for either of the two extremes, you must realise that neither will ever trully win.

We are all unique, we all see the world through different eyes, think of things differently, gain different experiences, and thus we do not really all live in the same world. Each of us lives in our own world, with our own meanings and emotions, this is known as a personal paradigm. When two people come into contact with eachother their worlds collide, thoughts, emotions, actions, all mix with the other in an attempt to fight for domination, to validate their own reality. This can never trully happen however, as concepts such as right and wrong are relative to each person, and it is only when the majority agree on one concept that they can then fool themselves into thinking they are universally right. The strength of the majority over the minority dictates morals, it controls the abstract meanings of Good and Evil. You can decide to accept the majorities rule, as most do... or you can not, but which ever you choose you are still helping to create the nuetrality we all exist within.

You follow a set fate... one that you choose at each crossroad you meet. In life, there is always a choice.