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Guild Information

Alignment: Lawful Neutral (LN)

Deity: Toran

Base of operations: Kuras, Kurathene Empire and a smaller contingent in Mikona, M'Chek.

How to contact us: Contact an officer.

What we do: Uphold the Tenets of Toran and teach others the logic of Toran's Plan, as well as training Toran's holy Justicars. We also act as a moderating body for the Quorum of Kurathene, a Kurathene organization tasked with overseeing inter-fief relations and mediating disputes and negotiations in the region. [OOC: See also: "League of Nations"[1] ]

What to expect: Being a rolemodel for others and acting as a messenger of Toran's word first and foremost. If you choose to remain unaligned in the Fief Wars, you should expect to be tasked with moderating the Quorum of Kurathene.

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Holy Order of Toran

History of the Sword of Toran

The Sword of Toran began its long history under the command of Emperor Joral Kuras as one of the many legions of the Kurathene Empire. A knight Legion of the Prefecture of Epillycia, the Sword of Toran carried the Emperor's word across the Empire, serving well in Tyedu, Dubunat, and even Drotid. After the great Emperor's death in 1825 OD, the Sword splintered out just like many other Legions, many of its soldiers returning to their homelands. Two of the Sword's most prominent commanders, Michael al'Aere and Roland Barre travelled south, to the human nation of M'Chek, carrying the banner of the Sword with them.

In M'Chek, the two soldiers founded a martial academy in an effort to teach the M'Chekians how to fight honorably and with superior tactics. The nation itself was embroiled in a war with the elven nation of T'Nanshi, and the two soldiers joined M'Chek's forces and headed up an elite fighting unit. Over time, others were impressed by the Sword's tenacity and power in battle, and the Sword's ranks swelled. It was at this time that the Church of Toran stepped forward and mandated that the Sword of Toran would uphold Toran's Plan as his chosen Holy Order on Avlis.

It was around this time that the government of M'Chek elected the Sword as the sole enforcer of national laws, and entrusted Toran's faithful with the policing of the nation. The Sword undertook this task with their usual dedication and professionality, and over time they earned the respect and praise of many a M'Chekian.

Following the close of the M'Chek-T'Nanshi War and the creation of the M'Chekian Guards, the Sword's services were no longer necessary in M'Chek, and its members decided it was time for them to return home, to Kurathene, to help protect their countrymen. The Holy Legate Heldor remained behind to head up the M'Chekian branch of the Sword, and ensure that order was maintained in Mikona.

Led by Justicar and Legate Cyrenious Whitehaven, the Sword of Toran has returned home to Kuras in order to help stay the ravages of the Fief Wars and ensure that civilians are protected and battles follow certain guidelines for the benefit of all Kurathenes. To fulfill that end, the Sword founded the Quorum of Kurathene as an official moderated meeting place and negotiating body between the fiefs to try and promote peaceful settlements to regional differences in the Empire. They oversee the moderation of this Quorum in conjunction with the Blue Order of the Sky and the Luminous Order of the Mind

Membership of the Sword of Toran


Legate: Cyrenious Whitehaven, Heldor (Mikona)

Prefect: Garret de'Karne

Tribune: Michael al'Aere, Drake Devilin, Roland Barre

Archmagus: Currently Unfilled


Centurion Magnus: Richance Weller

Primus Magus: Thalarian Arc'Thass

Centurion: Madon Dethrune

Magus: Tivn Dimbzig

Legionnaire: Redwyn Ironhart

Honorary Mention (Retired): Mina Tur'el-Milen, Peregryne Twostep

The Tenets of Toran

  • Order
Laws bring Order from chaos and keep civilization from anarchy and oblivion. Toran strives to uphold structure and order so that all may benefit in safety and prosperity.
  • Discipline
Strict, unflagging, unfailing discipline - this is Toran’s path to enlightenment. Never forget to keep sight of, and master, yourself. He who masters himself will be a slave to none. He who enforces discipline on himself and on the outside world brings Order within himself and those around.
  • Responsibility
Duty before self. Never forget that you have a responsibility to others just as Toran has a responsibility to guide all things to their proper place in the Order of His Plan. All things have a purpose in Toran’s Plan. Each cog in the great machine fits together, and as one turns so do the rest.
  • Loyalty
He who betrays his brother has forgotten his father's name. Toran's faithful find strength in standing together.
  • Resolve
Never falter in your path, and do not forget that which you hold dear. To surrender one's faith is to lose a part of oneself and stray from the path of Toran.
  • Respect
The faithful must always remember fairness in thought as well as action, and to treat others with the respect they deserve.
  • Foresight
Be prepared in all things. Those who clearly see Toran's Plan can see the paths that lie ahead, and choose accordingly. He who has no plan is doomed to failure. Impatience leads to folly. A patient mind begins to see all paths before them.
  • Humility
Know and embrace your place in Toran’s Plan. Arrogance will blind you to the path Toran lays before you, and will lead into chaos.
  • Pragmatism
Thoughts and ideas only have value in terms of their practical consequences. Results are the sole test of the Truth of Toran’s Plan.

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