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The Luminous Order of the Mind

Black and bronze robes mark out Psions and Master Psions of the Order
An outside view of the Tower of the Mind in Mikona.

What we do: The Order is dedicated to the pursuit of mental discipline, focus and wisdom. It nurtures & trains psionic talent, and provides advice and guidance to those that seek it.

Alignment: The Order is politically and theologically neutral. Its purpose includes providing guidance and wisdom to any that request it.

Base of operations: Mikona (a path next to the Aarilax temple, east of the rock).

Brief history: The Order was founded in Kuras by Master Elladin. It is now located in the north-eastern outskirts of Mikona.

What to expect: A lot of RP. In-character lessons in the Order's philosophy, training in meditation, development of mental focus, training in the development of psionic abilities. Exploration, investigation, and information gathering. Lots of interaction with other groups, both in a consultancy role, and actively providing psionic support where this is required.

Differently from many Avlissian guilds, a unique leader of the order does not exist. The guild is instead managed by a Council of Masters.

How to contact us: "Send word to the Luminous Order", or speak to any of the existing members in-game. Our robes are black, trimmed with dark bronze (and grey, for the lower ranks).

Who can join: The LO is primarily intended as a guild for Psions but any class/alignment/race can join, particularly if you see Psionics as part of your character's future. We also offer associate membership to those who do not have/want Psion levels, but wish to become closer to the guild.

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Associate Members

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