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Race: Gnome
Classes: Psion, Monk
Guild affiliations: Luminous Order of the Mind
Most active on server: Mikona
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Glenda is from Waynbleck village, home of the famous siege engineer, Gjorky Bijaagenbortz. Her family supplies parts the local siege factory. Hence, Glenda was born into a clan of metalworkers, alchemists, carpenters and tinkerers — all of them arguing, exploding and cackling. Growing up in this engineering-oriented environment, Glenda developed a keen interest in things mechanical ... though she seldom showed much interest in the physical labour required by these crafts.



Glenda's clan sponsored her a ticket to Kuras, ostensibly to have her study the war engines that were rumored to be developed by the various warring fiefdoms. On her arrival to Kuras, she wore purple and blue robes signifying reverence to the god of invention and innovation.

Luminous Order of the Mind

After a few months exploring the various fiefdoms, Glenda started wearing the robes of the Luminous Order of the Mind. She was, in fact, one of the first members of the order. Under the tutelage of the founding members, she started exploring the ways in which she could change her body and the fabric of reality surrounding her. Her studies, and personal background, lent her an extremely mechanical, almost Modron-like, behaviour and outlook on life. With the relocation of the LOotM to Mikona, Glenda frequents the regions of the city much more than usual. She is currently seen wearing the robes of the Psion rank.

Lost years

Glenda suddenly disappeared from Kurasian soil and, after many years, was to be seen in Ferrell and Elysia again. She is clearly evasive when questioned about this disappearance.

Shield of Elysia

Glenda has recently been seen entering and exiting the Champion's Keep, as well as venturing on Elysian soil, with members of the Shield of Elysia. She has not, however, been seen wearing their signature uniform.

Illithid siege of Visimontium

The siege of Visimontium lasted for a very long time. While not involved in the defense throughout, Glenda played a decisive role in attempts at scrying the inhabitants of the final citadel for more insight. She lead the formation of a mind meld between various Trust mages which could enhance their divination abilities. This was a new experience for her, and she learned much about her mind's ability to guide a collective consciousness. She calls it 'meta-concert'.

Glenda was also involved in the final assault upon the remaining citadel. She learned much about illithid architecture and, after the assault was over, expressed a keen interest in studying the so-called "Prophet One", a flight-capable golem which was used to launch the first assault group.


In conversation, Glenda's speech can sometimes sound Modron-like. Some students of the planes might understand her constant reference to the wheels, the cogs and the levers of the Clockwork Nirvana. From her speech one notices that she is interested in travel using psionics as well as the study of automatons.


Glenda wishes to walk the planes. She believes that all magic, whether divine or arcane, comes from the same source - a planar mechanism called a vortex. For this reason she hopes to prove that all power simply sources itself from the base energies of the multiverse.

Glenda also wishes to modify her body. While she has been able to do this to a great extent given her studies in psychometabolism, she has often expressed curiousness in the ability to actually augment the physical body with inorganic tools, such as those from which golems and other automatons are constructed.

Bragging Rights and Out of Character Information

RPotM August 2010, 1st place

(Shared) Most Original PC, Irreverence Awards 2010.