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Citizens of Elysia,

The time has finally come for the defense forces of Elysia to move a step ahead. After the coming Sunday, the EDF will be officially disbanded. As announced many months ago, a new group will take its place as the main defence force of our city. Le'Megen T'Elysia. The Shield of Elysia...

~ Signed and sealed by the Elysian Council ~

Officers of Le'Megen T'Elysia

Commanding Officers:


Lt. General Alazmi Alxicus - Champion of O'Ma ((NPC))


Gabriel Mihr ((NPC))

Senior Officers:

Major Terra Swift, Recruitment Officer PM
Captain Hert Snyder PM
Captain Triia PM
Captain Seylek PM


Dalabrin Gillivray PM
Rellona Narulla PM
An'wen Re'lin PM
Losin Rockhands PM
Aeveras Altaer PM
Lillith DuCoin PM
Aspen Stormcat PM
Elyl Ka'aestar PM
Mhog'ar PM
Jwolaroth'Ruk PM
Nesara Tal'piriarn PM
Otto von Hubris PM
Brongar Steelbeard (Sergeant) PM
Torok (Sergeant) PM
Peribo Bilmfrickten
La'Varian Shadav
Olin Arrna (Sergeant)
Loonin Rapplenummen
Aerie Angeltear

Identifying Le'Megen Officers

Le'Megen T'Elysia officers can be identified by their distinctive uniforms. Officers wear all silver helmets, Captains/Senior officers wear silver helmets with gold trim, and Commanders wear gold helmets with silver trim.

Various types of Le'Megen armor and uniforms
Various types of Le'Megen armor and uniforms

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