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Name: Jwolaroth Ruk
Race: Half-Elven (elf: T'nanshi, human: Romini)

Alignment: NG.


Jwolaroth was foster raised in the forests between Le'Or and Elysia. He was able to survive in this dangerous place because his foster mother had a very keen sense of danger, and could always tell when to move before enemies arrived. Some called her an ancient spirit, but in reality she was probably just an extremely old fey. She kept Jwolaroth away from others during most of his youth, and constantly ingrained notions of goodness. Either she was afraid he'd be corrupted, or she was just very possessive. The name she gave him, Jwolaroth'ruk, came from unknown origins. It is not elven, nor is it human, nor is it fey. Possibly she was just eccentric. When J.R.'s foster mother passed away, as all creatures must eventually, she left him with a riddle of sorts, and told him the direction to the nearest town. She did this after dying, in the form of a spirit, before moving beyond the veil.

The riddle was actually a set of hints and tips on how to become a shifter. Jwol's foster mother must have known much more about him than she let on. With the aid of Tupaia, the druid in the grove north of Elysia, Jwolaroth was able to finish the riddle after many months of contemplation (and stop a group of goblins from poisoning the city's water supply after they stole Tupaia's herbs). He assumed a normal, gods-granted animal shape, but unlike other druids, he was able to instinctively determine where the shape came from. He then began to consciously interact with the life-stream, exploring it for more useful forms. He reached a point where he could do this of his own accord without resorting to prayer. He still feels the riddle isn't entirely complete, however. Why did his foster mother feel it necessary to put him on this particular path?

Regardless of the answers, he has progressed in time. He currently is a member of a couple of orders, both relating in some way to serving the greater good and caretaking nature. He left a third order that seemed contrary to that goal in some ways. In the recent wars, he took part by signing the drotid peace treaty, helping bring peace between O'ma and Titania, and acting as captain in the last EAV battle using a strategy of his own design. Physically, he has changed. His eyes are distinctly cat-like now in appearance, and his ears seem to twitch at sounds. His fingernails also grow to points, and his teeth are sharper. These are all just side-effects of shifting frequently, which he is quite addicted to. All things considered, it's surprising he hasn't sprouted an extra bodypart by now.

He has discovered the meaning of his name over time. The first name was part of a dragon's name... one who, long before J.R. was born, rescued a small romini camp from sereg attack. J.R.'s human romini mother decided to name him in honor of that hero. His elven father, it turns out, became a planewalker before his mother knew she was pregnant, which is why J.R. has yet to locate him. Ruk was part of his father's last name.

Motives: To aid other people and nature, To study all things relating to shapeshifting


Recountings: Currently only available in Avlis forums.

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