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Aeveras Altaer
Race: Avlissian Elf
Aeveras and Tilk

Gender: Male
Classes: Forester
Residence: Thayt'Altaer, Northern T'Nanshi

Aeveras is at first appearance a typical woodsy elf. He bears all the hallmarks of the contemporary forester, including a finely crafted longbow, mud-spattered hunting garb, and a companion mircat, Tilk.


A young elf standing only a few inches taller than five feet and a little underweight, Aeveras tends to hide his slight frame under several travel packs and his trusty hunting leathers. Though hardly wild in appearance, his effects are often adorned with leaves and bramble, and faded with dirt. Only a cloak made of heavy green fabric seems to have aged well, though its origin and properties are anything but known.

Like most travellers, Aeveras is well armed. He carries a fine longbow made from an unfamiliar type of wood, a small leafy sword with matching buckler, and several handaxes. Quivers jut out in this direction and that, sporting a random mix of feathers and arrow shafts.


Not always a forester, Aeveras grew up in the canopy city of Le'Or T'Nanshi. Born an only son to Jaenik and Maiya Altaer, Aeveras was brought up in a wizarding family and home-schooled from a young age. His parents' effort to prime him for an ascent to archmage failed spectacularly however, when arcane instruction didn't take and he left home at the cusp of adulthood instead.

Drifting through life, Aeveras found the outside world to be simultaneously beautiful and violent. The nations of the south stood fast against enemies from all sides and from within; pirate kings, fiends, and unlife all rose to stake their claim on the world, and the people of Negaria always rose in response. Aeveras made many friends during these times, and shaped by his experiences, became ever more reliant on his longbow. Only with the rise of the fanatical Bonds of Evrak did Aeveras reconsider his methods. Deeply troubled the Bonds' practices and the all-pervasive violence in which he took part, Aeveras took to wandering, and eventually left T'Nanshi for a time.

The south was transformed by the time he returned; decades of hard work in M'Chek had born fruit, and the drylands were once again green. The shaahesk had claimed ground, fighting viciously to a standstill with their neighbours. Changed too, and refreshed from his walk, Aeveras dismissed his companion kirre, opting to befriend a more amenable elven mircat, Tilk, instead. Though not a pacifist by any stretch, Aeveras tends to prefer a more measured approach these days, having greater respect for the sanctity of all life than perhaps his younger self.

Aeveras is not expected to produce an heir, and thus the Altaer name will likely fade with him.

(Notes from the Past))

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