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Great Mage of Internal Affairs of the Ivory Order of the Sun,
Officer of Le'Megen T'Elysia,
Member of the Pride of the Southlands,
Headmaster of ANRA,
Master at the AKN and
Senior Partner of H.E.A.L.
Married to Kish'ti

Mhog'ar is a male wemic who usually walks around in an altered ivory robe in Elysia. The robe misses the lower part and the cloak, making it look like a shirt. He is a bit smaller than the average male wemic and has some scars showing on his lower body.
If anyone is looking for Mhog'ar, the best chances to find him is by ringing the gong at the H.E.A.L. shop in the northern district.
Mhog'ar is a skilled alchemist, herbalist, tailor and blacksmith.


As he tells most the tale how he became a mage, when he is not late for a meeting... In his youth he got the standard training in his pride in Drotid: learning to fight. He has to admit that he could keep up with most all cubs by dancing around their axes and blades. But they all knew his weakness and waited and kept deflecting his blows with ease. Because in the end they all knew that his stamina would run out and they would get him. Mhog'ar still has the scars to show for it. He usually says "I stank at fighting".
The pride elders feeling sorry for him tried to find something he was better at. The local shaman of the pride took him under his wing and taught him the basics of casting. Being eager and much better at it then fighting the shaman realised soon that he had to send Mhog'ar off to Le'Or T'Nanshi so that the elves could teach him more of magics. So Mhog'ar left the pride at the age of 8.
After having spend only a few months in Le'Or he left for Elysia where he ran into Aria, who helped him to grow, saved him a few times and taught him a lot. She later introduced him into the old Ivory Order of the Sun. Mhog'ar is now the great mage of relations of the new Ivory Order of the Sun after having been the senior mage of Ferrell for a few years.


Krator Blackfist on Mhog'ar