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Far to the north of Kuras lies a region of coastal mountains. A place of deep ravines with ice cold streams which roar through the rocks and plunge over cliffs into the sea. The wild creatures that live there are fierce yet plentiful - good hunting ground for wemics.

It was in these mountains that Darra'kish, daughter of the Pride Mother, clashed with three dire tigers who toppled her and sent her crashing to the floor of the ravine. Her injuries were so great that she could never hunt again, could rarely leave the Den in fact. Her mate, Barrra'ti, made her a permanent den in a nearby settlement, where she learned to craft beautiful items for trade.

Into this unusual wemic home, Kish'ti was born. She knew only her mother's gentle and creative influence throughout her infancy. But, when Kish'ti reached hunting age, her Grandmother arrived at the Den and presented her with leather armour and a warhammer which was difficult for her even to lift. Kish'ti was trained in the art of hunting under the watchful eye of her grandmother, the Pride Mother.

Kish'ti respected her grandmother as a leader but grew to resent her interference in the family. During her young adulthood the villagers always knew when Grandmother was visiting because Kish'ti could be seen sitting beside the river on the outskirts of the settlement, her cheeks pink from arguing and her hands clenched in furious fists. But the worst arguments were to come when Kish'ti reached mating age. Grandmother's schemeing and excitement reached fever pitch - and Kish'ti became more and more uncomfortable as young male wemics were introduced to her and then projected as suitable mates. Some of the young males were, no doubt, suitable mates but if they came with Grandmother's endorsement, they were doomed to failure.

After some months of continual introductions and arguments, Darra'kish took her daughter to one side and herself suggested that Kish'ti travel south. The idea of adventure and new places, but especially of escaping Grandmother's plans, enchanted Kish'ti and she set about packing the necessary equipment and gold. For the first day of her journey she was escorted by the Pride, walking in the front and enjoying constant advice and recommendations from the Pride Mother!

The next morning Kish'ti woke to a beautiful sunrise, bade farewell to her northern Pride and followed the road that would lead to her new life in the south.

Mhog'ar's wife and mate for life. Their Wedding is described elsewhere.