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Pride of the Southlands

(For information on Wemics and how to create a wemic character, check here.)

Race: Wemics! Some non-wemic races might be approved, but do not anticipate instant acceptance. You will have to prove yourself worthy, though being a non-wemic follower of Balgar or Aryeh Gidol is a good start (again, this is not something that will be easy to pull off, but I understand it is possible). Majority vote in the Pride will rule.

Alignment: Any, even evil alignments are welcome, as there is not a general 'doctrine' of the Pride that expressly forbids evil alignment. Don't expect to a pat on the back if you go about participating in wholesale slaughter of innocents or people members of the Pride are close to, and do anticipate members of the Pride putting the smack down on you if you get out of line. We're family, not allies.

Betrayal of the Pride is the one and only means to be kicked out and not welcomed back.

Base of operations: Presently, none. Ferrell is the usual site for meetings and gatherings, as it's nice and neutral, and has plenty of fun opportunities for us. Future holds many things, not the least of which is a proposed Pride Den. More on that later.
The best way to meet us is to keep an eye on this thread: Children of Balgar in the avlis taverns. We usually meet saturdays at 21.00 GMT, but the place differs between Port Eridanus, the Rock in Mikona or Blandenburg. You can also try to be lucky and run into a pride member ...

How to contact us: As the red-head wemic's boots were found and the pride thinks Kai'Ral Windspar has passed on "Leaving a message at about any inn for that red-head wemic." doesn't work anymore. Kish'ti has been chosen as spokes woman for the pride and can be reached through the AAAA or in her home in the Elysian Towers. Moira, Kai'Ral Windspar's former wife, Seylek and Mhog'ar get all over southern Avlis and back in the various duties, hobies and exploits they are involved in. Almost any of us can be reached through the AAAA, or the AKN. So don't hesitate to PM any of us until we get a regular Pride Den.

What we do: So far, we're just trying to gather as many interested wemics as we can, and 'network' together to allow new wemics to benefit form the expertise and wisdom of older wemics. It's fun to hang out, and just hunt like a large pride of Wemics would.

So far, we have wemics from all walks of life. Warriors, rangers, magi, smiths and crafters, monks. You name it. If you need tips, training or just a leg up in the field, we can connect you with the people who can help, and will support you in any way we can. Yes, with money, too, but within reason. Sponsorship in guilds like the 4A and AKN is not guaranteed, but we're her if you want to ask and try.

What we expect from you: Loyalty to the Pride, meaning you will not do anything to deliberately disrupt the Pride. This does not mean you can't belong to the Holy Reavers of Maleki, or the Order of Valok. It means you can't manipulate a fellow Pride member or sacrifice fellow wemics to Maleki. Such a crime will see the whole Pride breathing down your neck looking for blood. Not a comfortable thing...

Occasionally, something will happen that will call for the entire Pride to act. In instances like that, it's usually someone acting out directly against younger members of the Pride, a Pride member in dire peril or other wemics in the South in trouble. In times like that, the only requirement is to put aside all personal feelings, and extract that wemic from trouble or deliver justice on their behalf. That is... if they didn't bring it on themselves.

Occasionally, for grins and giggles, a noble cause may be brought to the Pride (either by Pride Members or outside petitioners) to be acted upon in an official Pride capacity. It will be the SOLE discretion of the Pride Elders as to whether Pride support will be given to anything, or any cause, and only by unanimous vote.

What to expect: Meetings, hunts, gatherings, talking, fighting stuff, pets & training demonstrations, jokes, some really bad jokes, drinks and just a bunch of four legged friends who can answer all the questions you may have about being a wemic. And if we don't know the answer, we can probably figure out how to get it.