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Fury of Balgar, Giantsbane, Beastmaster
Founder of the Pride of the South
Assistant Quartermaster & Paymaster of the AAAA
Student of the Avlis Tower University
High Apprentice of the A.K.N.

  • Life in the North

Kai'Ral Windspar was born and raised in the Five Stones Tribe of southern Jechran. Wherein he married Lianna, and bore two children. After an attack on the Tribe by Tyedu Raiders, Lianna was slain in defense of the Tribe. While she lay dying, Kai'Ral was away, led astray by rivals in the Tribe on a fools errand of pride.

Judgement was swift and merciless against Kai'Ral, and he was summarily banished for his failure to protect his wife. Among the wemic Prides of the north, a widower is a sad creature indeed. No longer at home among his own people, Kai'Ral took the road south, looking for a new beginning. His two cubs were fostered to the care of the Five Stones Tribe, and never met their father.

  • Life in the South

On his arrival in the south, Kai'Ral found little different. He was still one hot head among many. His brash nature, and often confrontational tone led to many defeats. It was the calming influence of a human woman, a gift form the Mother and Father herself, that brought him to terms with what lay before him.

With the love and companionship of Moira Celyn at his side, Kai'Ral rallied to the case of M'Cheks less fortunate. Doing all he could. Which, sadly was limited to hitting things with an axe. But with time, and dedication, Kai'Ral distinguished himself as a worthy warrior, an apt student of lores and above all, a dedicated woodsman.

It was one fateful day in Mikona that brought Kai'Ral face to face with a Shaada Sand Lizard, brought to bare on the city by Verossan Druids. The creature left an indelible mark on him, and consumed his passions as both a hunter and scholar.

  • Fylgia and Companion Training

It was the advent of the Gods and the gift of the Fylgia that brought Kai'Ral to shine his brightest. With concerted efforts of many warriors and dedicates of Nature, this new gift was explored and mastered. And yet still Kai'Ral yearned for more, striving for higher ends. Expanding the boundaries of this gift and the scope of it's application grew to an all consuming goal. A single emblazoned image of a magnificent beast burned bright in his minds eye.

  • The Accident and Fall of Kai'Ral Windspar

So it was on an ill conceived journey that Kai'Ral Windspar trekked north to the lands of Toran Sharda, to find and face one of the most fearsome beasts he could think of. It was during this confrontation that Kai'Ral Windspar lost his arm. In the ensuing sickness and recovery, Kai'Ral lost his faith, and his sanity. And for nine long years Kai'Ral lingered, uncertain and shamed of his failure. In this time, he lost his wife, Moira.

  • The Longest Road, Walking to Wisdom

They say the longest road you ever walk is the one that brings you back home. Laying aside his name, his titles and his preconceptions, Kai'Ral took up a name given him by his benefactor, a hermit druid of Skern named Bernard; Yantri, meaning Wisdom Walker in the tongue of the wemics of his youth. He walks this path still, content to let Ki'Ral lie in repose behind.
The past casts a long shadow, and those who seek to outrun it will find themselves lost in the dark. Instead, Yantri has chosen to face them head on. Walking tall, he will heal his own scars, and right the wrongs he has done, or he will fall gain, failing for the last time.

Journals of Kai'Ral Windspar