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Avlis Tower University (ATU)

Alignment: N/A

Base of operations: ATU Campus, Temple District of Mikona

How to contact us: Leave a message for Master Sage Willem Lightheart (PM).

What we do: Spread knowledge to all people, regardless of race, religion, gender, or social status

What to expect: ATU members often gain knowledge related to important plots first, and are responsible for spreading it to the outside world. This guild is for roleplayers who enjoy a non-hack/slash environment, and I encourage those interested to apply immediately.

Brief History

The Avlis Tower University is an institution dedicated to research and the distribution of knowledge to the people of Avlis. It was originally founded as the Magus Tower University of Mikona by Master Astoroth Dyacon. After his disappearance the University was led by Master Sage An'gora Gend where it flourished for many years. In order to attract a more diverse set of faculty members and student body, the name was later changed to the Avlis Tower University. After An'gora disappeared the University was left without a leader. This fact, coupled with the untimely death or disappearance of several of the key faculty members, left the University in a serious state. Not wishing the institution to crumble before him, Senior Sage Kered Rose took on the responsibilities of the Master Sage, but only took the title of Senior Sage. Rose worked diligently to keep the University in operation through the many years he acted as leader. Many years later Willem Lightheart sought membership. After several lectures and events run by Willem to promote the University, Senior Sage Rose took the title of Master Sage, only to name his replacement as Sage Lightheart and immediately stepped down, making Sage Lightheart the next Master Sage.


Many books have been published, lectures given, essays written, and events hosted all under the umbrella of the ATU with the sole goal being to teach those uneducated of the world. An observatory exists on the roof of the tower and is open to the public as well as most of the other facilities there within the tower walls. In addition to the observatory is a great library with areas for study and research as well as a large lecture hall set up for public debates and lectures.

One may seek membership by contacting Master Sage Lightheart at the University or speaking with any of the active Sages. Ranks and position titles are awarded based on services performed for the University.

  • Examples of Popular Lectures & Published Research by Faculty Members
Avlissian Clerics by Kered Rose
Marriage Customs by Janur da Medican
Planar Structure of the Known Multiverse by Miriel Hana

PC Members

  • PC name, rank and board name of the player in superscript

Founding Members of the Faculty

Astoroth Dyacon, Founder (Deceased) jadeia
Angora Gend, First Master Sage (Retired) Leaving Hope

Honorary Sages

N'uquerni-Delothion, Honorary Sage, Lorewarden of Vorin (Retired) Lorewarden
Feeb Ironfist, Honorary Sage, Financial Contributor to the ATU (Deceased) ?
Zacharia FeatherFingers, Honorary Sage, Financial Contributor to the ATU Tharliss

Present Members of the Faculty

  • Names in bold denote actively played PCs.

Willem Lightheart, Master Sage dhocott
Kered Rose, Elder Sage, former Lorewarden Mikona Great Library (MIA) Fifty
Janur da Medican, Sage, Lorewarden Mikona Great Library JollyOrc
Miriel Hana, Sage Hamlet
Straccio, Sage Stravento
Tia Xiloscia, Sage (Former Master Sage) Xiaou
Ayren Milen, Apprentice Sage Nob
Nikki Tanner, Apprentice Sage AUman
Yantri, Apprentice Sage KaiRal Windspar
Raen Tate, Staff, Event and Fundraising Promotions Expert Raen
Lillith DuCoin, Staff Demonlady

Retired Members of the Faculty

Cor'Angelus Gengue, Sage (Departed) subspace1011
Kimli Gorn, Sage (Retired) Deider
Ancalopuk Mistalyris, Apprentice Sage (Retired) loppy66
Grizpin Hallowmas, Apprentice Sage (Departed) Grizpin
Selwonk Sirch, Administrative Staff (Retired) Fifty
Sun-and-Moon, Staff, Lorewarden Ferrell Library (Retired) frogmella

Present Members of the Student Body

  • Names in bold denote actively played PCs.

Alexyzar K'Nase, student Alexyzar
Caitlin Swift, student Kerrick
Calatin, student DorianHawkwind
Eudaimon Dawnblade, student Aramithran
Sephira Raynes, student Sephira
Sywyn Foxglove, student Bjorne da Bear
Vana, student Jazz
Zor, student scribe

Students of the ATU from the Recent Past

(Some retain membership as alumni or otherwise)
Dame Aerill Ailpera, student Aerill
Artemidoros d'Hyaina, student Hyaina
Azastra Bauglir, student (Deceased) The Constrainer
Brian de Ville, student Brian Deville
Destrien Zakharov, student DrachenWolf
Finrod Meneldur, student KilrathiSly
Grag Tharashk, student chilingsworth
Hebrin Maul, student loki70
Heldor, student j5hale3
Lafreth Theoalideth, student Vipact
Dame Moira Callindraes, student Marleh
Morran Unuldur, student VETT SCALES L7
Rory Olaveil, student PlasmaJohn
Tahni Soulsinger, student (Deceased) Tahni
Thalarian Arc'Thass, student Thalarian Arc'Thass
Thaya Gathertwig, student Zilgrin
V'heress, student Gairus