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Eudaimon Dawnblade "The Dreamwalker" (deceased)

"Time is nothing; timing is everything."

Eudaimon Dawnblade (pronounced yü-day-mon), or Eudaimon, son of Dawnblade, was the mortal that challenged the god Wilsash during the The Threat of the Great Dream, stepping into the Dreamscape as part of a fellowship known as The Dreamers. His often reckless but protective nature also led him to be one of the two Soundshield Weavers that defended Visimontium during the Illithid Invasion.

Eudaimon was an Acting Master of the Luminous Order of the Mind. He usually stayed at the Luminous Tower in Mikona and could also be found in Visimontium at the residence of the Sage Miriel Hana to whom Eudaimon was married to.

Soon after his wife's memory loss and departure from Negaria, Eudaimon lost his life due to undetermined causes.



Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Monk/Weapon Master/Psion
Alignment: Neutral Good
Residence: N/A

  • The Dreamwalker
  • The Fool
  • Soulblade



Known Relatives


Childhood in The Kurathene Empire

Eudaimon is the first son of Aetos Dawnblade, a retired Kurathene captain, and Nala, a warrior-maiden monk from Jechran. Bound to continue the military tradition of the Dawnblade family, he was educated with utmost rigor and discipline in the ways of strategy and armed combat at an early age. The young boy's attachment to his mother made him pursue unarmed combat training as well, however, this interest was eventually discouraged by both parents. During his time at the academy, he proved to be an excellent student and extraordinary fighter, albeit his quiet and rebellious demeanor.

He was clever, quick and strong, surpassing the performance of his older peers, who would often bully and mock him about his ambiguous blood ascendance and racial traits. Any kind of harassment was something that bothered him greatly, brawls were common in the academy whenever he was around, whether fighting for himself or for others. Eudaimon's childhood was a privileged one, carried by outstanding tuition and training but in constant conflict with both peers and authorities alike. The only one he would sincere to was his mother.

Youth in the City of Mikona

For unknown reasons, young Eudaimon arrived at Mikona as an anonymous immigrant, without any possession nor anything that could be linked to his past. Without any close friends or relatives, his life became that of an orphan, roaming the streets of the harsh city as courier and shoeshine boy. It was through this period that the sage known as Miriel noticed the young courier, frequently asking him to deliver notes and books to the Avlis Tower University in exchange for coin and opportunity. It was through Miriel's council that Eudaimon decided to further himself, eventually applying to the Luminous Order of the Mind.

Training and Endurance

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The Threat of the Great Dream

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The Illithid Invasion

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Of Wait and Loss

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Jungle Sleepwalking

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Time To Wake Up

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Weapon: The Dreamweaver

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Memorable quotes

  • "Perfect Balance is the one that mortals cannot understand. It is often called Chaos."
  • "The waterfall of blades is a tranquil one, always giving, never asking. Never empty."
  • "Time is nothing; timing is everything."
  • "We must not rely fully on faith that the Nine shall sort all out, and even if we do have such faith, we must act, not wait."
  • "Order is already there, it needs not to be controlled nor enforced, but understood."
  • "Shall we succeed and reality is no longer threatened...then you chop my head off. In the mean time, do what you must... we have Dreams to catch."
  • "You may destroy me, yet you cannot outlive the idea of freedom! What say you?!"
  • "How can you become free?"
  • "I refuse to suffer for the sake of Fate's entertainment. I leave as I came, as a free man."


    Eudaimon Dawnblade