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The Psion Class
Telepathy Guide
Psychic Combat

Psionic Disciplines
Table of all Powers
Clairsentience (Table)
Metapsionics (Table)
Psychokinesis (Table)
Psychometabolism (Table)
Psychoportation (Table)
Telepathy (Table)

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Description: A psion is the master of mind. Unlike a warrior or thief, a priest or mage, he is not reliant on outside entities, energies or items to pursue his art. His power is from within, and it is his mind that focuses and directs that power. Introspection and mediation, delving into the varied, perhaps fragmented, perhaps dark, corners of his own mind, to discipline and control the subconscious, is the path of the psion. Deeper understanding, greater self discipline and stronger focus unlocks more and more of the power of the mind, allowing the psion to discover a greater range of mental powers. Psions take many paths, some seeking to master their own bodies with the power of the mind, some mastery of others’ minds. Still others may pursue a path that allows them to control time and space, or to gain knowledge beyond the range of normal senses. While some psions use their powers to augment other martial skills, many typically disdain the use of physical weapons or armour in favour of the raw power of their minds; nevertheless, even these will often carry a weapon or two for times when their minds are taxed or tired.


Requirements: Non-chaotic
Special: Lycanthrope PCs can select this class but CANNOT use Psionic powers
Hit Dice: d6
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple, Rogue, Druid
Armor Proficiencies: Light,
High Saves: Will, Fortitude
Bonus Feats: Arcane Defence (Enchantment), Check PSP Total
Base Attack Bonus: Follows Cleric/Rogue progression
Skill points: 4+INT mod
Class Skills: Concentration, Heal, Listen, Lore, Persuade, Search, Spellcraft, Spot
Feats (non-psionic): Standard 1 feat every 3rd character level. No bonus feats / epic bonus feats. Note that along with other class-restricted feats, the following feats are not available to Psions: Ambidexterity, Two-weapon_fighting, Weapon_proficiency_(martial). Psions now have access to the general feats as they were supposed to..

Psion Stats

Psionic Powers

Progression: Two powers may be selected each level. The normal feats received every third level may be used to take an additional power if a psionlevel is taken at that time.

Psionic Strength Points (PSP): 10+10*PsionLevel, with a bonus for high Wisdom, Constitution and Intelligence. The Wisdom bonus is applied at each level; the bonus from Constitution and Intelligence only affects the starting PSP (i.e. at first level).

  • PSP = {(WIS - 5) * 2} + (CON - 15) + (INT - 15) + Feats + {(PsionLevel-1) * (WIS-5 (Min = 10))}

Psionic Powers by Discipline

  • Clairsentience - powers that provide the psion with access to information and knowledge beyond the range of normal senses.
  • Psychokinesis - powers that move objects, on a scale from the huge to the molecular.
  • Psychometabolism - powers that allow the psion exercise control over his (and sometimes another's) body.
  • Psychoportation - powers that influence time and space allowing the psion, and others, to travel using the power of the mind alone.
  • Telepathy - powers that give the psion contact with and control over the minds of others.
  • Metapsionics - advanced miscellaneous psionic powers.

Psionic Specializations - feats that augment a psion's other powers and abilities.

(More details of the mechanics of psionic powers.)

Favored Psion

A chosen few psions may be marked as favored by Angadar, who on Avlis controls the Mind Wind from which psions channel their powers. In terms of game mechanics, this means an increase in the potency of the psion's abilities. Favored status bestows bonuses in the form of +4 effective psion levels and a 50% chance that a backfire is transformed into a bonus.

Note: This is a DM reward for exceptional role playing, not something you can gain from completing a quest in game.

Playing a Psion

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