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There are perhaps as many students of the paths of the mind as there are sparkles in a sunlit fountain: for each it is an individual path, harnessing power from within, focusing and developing the mind. Nevertheless, many converge on particular pathways, ways of being a psion. These are the archetypes.

The powers of a psion are categorised into six disciplines, each of which gives rise to a specialization. Thus, we have those who pursue the clarisentient path labelled Seers, those who pursue the psychoportation path, Nomads. But this is just how such terms are most commonly used: rather than referring to an archetype, they refer more to the path that an individual follows, and each psion may follow more than one path as they uncover the powers of their minds. In fact, the archetypes - the ways of being a psion - may at times cut across these disciplines, and require mastery of more than one. The distinguising feature of each archetype is the direction of psionic and other talents towards a particular goal.

Examples of Archetypes

NB: work in progress

War Mind

A specialist in directing the force of the mind into enhancing martial skill.

Typical Psionic Talents: (1) Adrenaline Control, (2) Combat Mind, (3) Biofeedback, (4) Strength of the Land

Soul Blade

A more focused form of the 'War Mind', dedicated to martial skill in (typically) a single weapon. Some Soul Blades may hone their physical skills to become a weapon master, uniting both mental and physical talents.

Typical Psionic Talents: (1) Dimension Blade, (2) Psychic Blade (in addition to those of a War Mind)

Cerebremancer (Psi-Mage)

A combiner of arcane and psionic forces. Some Cerebremancers may learn to manifest a psi-vortex which allows direct psionic augmentation of spell casting, becoming Psi-Mages [[1]]

Typical Psionic Talents: Varies; to complement and support spell-casting.

Illithid Slayer

One devoted to the pursuit and destruction of the illithid and their kin and companions.

Typical Psionic Talents:


A manipulator of elemental fire.

Typical Psionic Talents:


A devotee of raw power, the meta-mind endeavours to become a pool of near limitless psionic energy.

Typical Psionic Talents: