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Avengers are the Holy Warriors of Dru'El. They stand up for the weak, and strive to make right what is wrong. They follow the will of Dru’El, and protect his children and his interest. If an Avenger feels in their heart, that the laws of city, nation, or society, impede the goodness, and free-will of its citizens; that Avenger will often take it upon them self to sponsor revolutionary behavior, or resort to dirty tactics in order to bring goodness back.

Avengers feel no need to put on a show for anyone, no matter who they are. They treat everyone the same whether they are a king, or a peasant. There is no distinction in their eyes between those who have, and those who have not. These traits tend to cause them to be straightforward people, and they are renowned for saying things like they are.

DruEl small.jpgPaladin


A Dru'Elian elf Avenger.

Avengers have very little solid organization. It is known that they were formed by a cousin of Solerion Rinthon, named Eirias Ju'Lel, during the Great War. Eirias was Solerion's head commando in the war against the orcs. Known for his prowess with a longbow, and his ability to navigate the woods undetected, Eirias trained many others in his art. Eventually towards the end of the war these people became known as "Eirias' Avengers", and later simply "Avengers".

It is thought that the Avengers saved Le'Or T'Nanshi and T'Nanshi on so many occasions, that Dru'El himself came down one day and blessed them as his own. From that point on, the Avengers appeared as they do today.

In modern times, Avengers often serve in the T'Nanshi army, or they can be found in other struggles against what they perceive as wrongs. They make it a habit to help those that they feel are being treated unfairly, whatever the surrounding circumstances may be. If they have to, they are able to use some very dirty tactics to achieve what they think of as a greater good in the end. Their cunning ability to survive in the wilds, coupled with their strength and proficiency in a toe-to-toe fight makes them formidable opponents for any dictator or tyrant in power.

Avengers are excellent marksmen, and they usually favor longbows. It is rare to see them in heavy armor, because it impedes their ability to remain silent and unseen in the woodlands. However, in an open field where stealth is no longer an option, the Avengers are the first to take up heavy armor and battle it out. They are capable fighters in both conventional and guerilla tactics.

Organizationally, Avengers do not form massive units, nor do they report to any one leader. They receive training from various training orders who follow Dru'El's ways, and from each other. From there, they are known to head off to wherever they are needed, in which place they become one with the ranks.


Special Abilities & Feats

Avenger Level:

  1. Divine Grace, Detect Evil, Detect Law
  2. Remove Fear - 1/day
  3. Smite Evil, Bonus Feat (choose 1 of Enchant Arrow, Favored Enemy, Sneak Attack, Extra Smiting)
  4. Turn Undead
  5. Heal Other (Per Psionic Ability: Lend Health) - 2/day
  6. Bonus Feat (choose 1 of Enchant Arrow, Favored Enemy, Sneak Attack)
  7. Eagle's Splendor
  8. Divine Might
  9. Bonus Feat (choose 1 of Enchant Arrow, Favored Enemy, Sneak Attack)
  10. Rogue's Cunning - 1/day, Deneir's Eye

Epic bonus feats:

  • Epic bonus feats are given at Avenger levels: 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28. In addition to the typical holy warrior list of epic bonus feats (see Paladin list for details), Avengers will have the option of choosing Enchant Arrow, Favored Enemy, Sneak Attack as part of their epic bonus feat list.
  • Avenger level 15: Rogue's Cunning - 2/per day

CTS eligibility:

Avengers of Dru'El may opt into the Avlis Companion Training System (CTS).


Every even level, an Avenger progresses in his/her knowledge of divine magic, as if having gained one level in his/her primary divine casting class. If the Avenger has two primary divine classes, then the the highest divine class level will progress. This progress is in terms of spell levels and spell slots available.


  • Favored Enemy: Favored enemies will work based on Avenger levels. So at 5th level the bonus becomes +2, 10th +3, etc.
    • It is unclear whether Ranger Favored Enemy feats/levels "stack" with Avenger Favored Enemy feats/levels. EDIT: Off-line module testing shows that the favored enemy bonuses do not stack between Ranger and Avenger class selection.
    • Although Avengers can take Favored Enemy feats, they are not eligible for the epic Bane of Enemies feat (unless it has been taken soley based upon Ranger levels).

Notable Avenger PCs

Avenger Rintel Etz in Avenger gear Varion Raykeeshen Cairn Mosslel Awaiting Picture
Jensen Rintel Etzeth Tzeleth Varion Raykeeshen Cairn Mosslel Catrionae Dy'nei