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"All I ever wanted to do, was to serve the Father as his servant." - Jensen Rintel

Vital Statistics

Name: Jensen Rintel
Race: Elf
Height: 5feet 7inches
Weight: 135 lbs.
Hair Color: Black with a slight Green tint
Eye Color: Violet
Build: A toned, and Athletic
Skin tone: Fine Tan


Jensen typically wears practical clothing fitting the season, and his surroundings. He favors clothing in shades of earth tones, and warm colors, but can be found wearing bright blue, and red at times. He rarely wears jewelry, but when he does it is practical and not gaudy.

Avenger Rintel


Jensen strives to be self reliant, and courteous to others. He is first to lend a hand to friend, and would give the shirt off his back to someone if they needed it. He follows the "Path of his Heart," and is friendly to most he meets.


From Jensen's Point of View.
"My name is Jensen Rintel, and I was born in the village of Fourtree in T'Nanshi. Family is important to me, and I live by a philosophy of "don't make friends, make family." This was instilled upon me by my mother Mel'ea, who is the Matriarch of my family, and a Master Woodcrafter. She runs the family business dealing with woodcrafts, but it is a small business that keeps us comfortable. My father, Shad'ler, is a veteran of the War, where he preformed the role of scout, and courier for the Elven Army. He is the one I credit with putting me on the path I now walk.

"The Rintel clan is an old family in the Fourtree community, and has produced numerous branches in other cities and villages. In my family, I am the 4th born, and son, of 6 children. My three older siblings are male, and my two younger are female. But enough on my family let me tell you more about me.

"The first memories that I can recall, are of my Father. He was a tall Elf, standing 4 ft 9 in, and had a stocky build. I remember him in his T'Nanshi army uniform, and the day that he left to go to the frontline. We had traveled to Le'Or T'Nanshi to see him off, and the assembly of his Unit in the Garrison district. I watched as the left, and went two by two down the lifts to ground below. I was scared for him, and was crying. My older brothers were also saddened, but had more resolve to not show their emotions. I finally broke, and ran off heading out of the Garrison District into the Central Market of Le'Or. The sights I saw confused me, and I became even more scared. This was my first time in the city, and I didn't know my way around.

"I ended up in the T'Nanshi Capital district, and found my way to the Temple of Dru'El. I had heard of Dru'El, and occasional prayed to him as it was "the right thing to do." Being a child, I did not fully understand the notion of Prayer and Faith, but somehow my path had led me to His temple and to be sitting on a pew near his shrine. As I sat there, I remember I started praying to Dru'El, and it was a simple prayer: "Please keep my Father safe." One of the Priests must have seen me, as he came over and sat beside me. His words comforted me, and eventually my emotions came under control. I cannot remember my comforter's name, but he helped a scared little boy find his family.

"Over the next several decades, my father would return from the frontlines on leave to be with his family. He would tell us stories of what was happening, and how the Avengers saved him a time or two. It was also during this time that he started teaching me the ways of a Ranger. This was of course to the dismay of my mother. She wanted me to learn the family trade, and raise a family of my own as my brothers had. But I would not have that. I was too independent, even as a child, and she knew it. Finally she relented to my father teaching me, and my skills slowly improved over the years. Then the war ended with the signing of the Blandenberg Treaty, my father came home for good, and I fully started my training with him.

"It was also during this time that my faith in Dru'El increased more, and more. I read every book and scroll I could obtain about the All Father in Fourtree, and made several pilgrimages to the Temple in Le'Or. I sat with our local Cleric, and listen to him for hours about the Dogma and Philosophy of Dru'El. I finally felt, as it was near the end of my training as a Ranger, that it was time to take up Dru'El's teachings as my own.

A Day in the Life of Jensen Rintel

Jensen Rintel, who is known to be training with the Avengers, has been seen traveling the length and breath of Southern Negaria. In his travels, he has visited most of the Father's Shrines and Temples, in an effort to learn more about Dru'El. On any given day, he is seen starting with meditation.

He usually meditates for about an hour, while sitting underneath an Oak Tree (if an Oak tree cannot be found, he sits near a natural structure, like a large rock, or next to a stream). In his mediations, he visualizes that he is walking in Dru'El's glade in Arborea, and learning what he can from what he sees.

After his meditation time, he sets out to travel, and works with Nidia, his Elven Mircat companion. Depending on what he is doing, and where he is located, he might set about chopping wood to make arrows, and mine ore of arrowheads. Lately he has been focusing his efforts on making a Poplar Longbow, but has failed in each attempt. Yet his spirits are high, and if asked he says that he has not failed, but has learned an increasing amount of ways not to assemble the components together.

The end of his day always includes a time for Prayer to the Father, and reviewing his journal of notes. He adds and updates anything that needs to be, and follows up on stuff that he has already written about.

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