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Varion Raykeeshen
Race: Elf
Classes: Ranger / Rogue / Avenger
Guild affiliations: Shemathen'Le'Yeritath
Most active on server: Wilderness
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Varion was born the son of a modest bowyer named Alarath Raykeeshen, so named for his profession and a druid of Dru’El by the name of Naia Raykeeshen. Varion had a fairly happy childhood. As a young Elf, Varion’s days where filled with walks in the woods with his mother and his brother Narion, where they learned the ways of the forest and with lessons in woodworking from their father. In the evenings, Alarath would tell his sons stories of Eirias and the Avengers. At a very young age with the help of their father, the boys made their first bows and learned to shoot. Alarath had hopes that his sons would become great bow makers and that they would some day grow up to make bows for the noble houses, yet whenever they where left alone, Varion and Narion would sneak off to the woods and pretend to be Avengers.

Time passed, until one day an event happened that would forever change Varion’s life. While collecting herbs in some dark wood, Varion’s mother was slain by undead. While crushing to the whole family, Varion’s father became increasingly distant and his brother Narion became some what wild and less social often speaking only in whispers. As for Varion, he swore to dedicate himself to wiping out the evil undead abominations against nature that no one else need suffer the same loss. Varion began to see less of his family as he ranged far and wide seeking undead to destroy.

One day when returning to his father’s home, he found that his father was out on one of his frequent wood collecting forays. These forays had become more frequent and longer since Naia died and Varion resolved to wait for his father to return. After a wait of many days when Varion’s father did not return, Varion decided to go out and look for him. Checking many of his favorite wood gathering spots, he finally found evidence of his father that sent chills up and down his spine. He found his father’s bow broken it two with evidence of a battle all about. Varion found two dead bugbears filled with his father’s arrows, but not his father. Following the tracks of the surviving bugbears, Varion came to a cave. Varion quickly entered the cave and confronted a small band of bugbears. After killing one, a large bugbear knocked Varion on his back. Looking up and seeing his death Varion made peace with Dru’El and prepared to join his parents in the afterlife. Suddenly however a large brown bear charged out and viciously attacked the Bugbears slaying the two remaining and rescuing Varion. Varion befriended the bear naming him wrath, or Ath in Nanshilae. Searching the cave further, Varion found the remains of his father. Wailing in grief, Varion added bugbears to his list of creatures to learn to combat. Varion carried his father’s body home and along with his brother Narion laid his father to rest.

Having nothing left at home, Varion left to follow his childhood dreams of becoming an Avenger of Dru’El. Narion, veered from this path and vanished to the wilds of Tnanshi. Finding Avenger Cairn Mossel, Varion took his first steps towards becoming an Avenger. Cairn was a good mentor and Varion was eventually accepted by the father an Avenger of Dru’El. Varion then began working with other aspiring Avengers, the first being Catrionae, Dy'nei. After spending much time with Varion, Catrionae became an Avenger of the Father as well. Working together often Varion and Catrionae fell in love. Varion moved to the inn of Elaina, where he and Cati lived until they bought a house in the woods of northern Blandenberg. Sometime shortly after that while Varion was taking his annual sojourn to his Father’s grave he ran into his brother Narion and the two were re-united. Varion and Cati were married a short time after that and to this day they joyfully live together doing the Father’s work.

Varion has finaly made peace with his life path and has followed his heart as an Avenger of Dru’El where he can works against the evil that took his parents from the world, as well as any evils that threaten the peace and freedom of the fathers children.