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Normally, the Shemathen accepts followers of all the major nature oriented deities. Shemathen'Le'Yeritath is based in the forests of T'Nanshi. The Forest represents the ultimate flowering of Nature in a dynamic state. Therefore the Forest is both a symbol and a model for a healthy land. However the society is interested in any area where Natures' well being is threatened. A primary goal of this society is to provide training opportunities for candidates. As such, candidates are highly encouraged to seek out and become a follower of a senior society member.

The Circle of Seven

The ultimate decision making body of Shemathen is the Circle. The Circle is comprised of seven members that have distinguished themselves as being both strong advocates for nature as well as their ability to work in cooperation towards collective wisdom. Each Circle member has an equal voice when moots are conducted and allowed one vote. That being said, wisdom is the ultimate leader and therefore during an operation everyone is encouraged to provide input and assist in the decision making process.


Shemathen do what is needed to develop and foster a working knowledge of nature, without a goal of profiteering. Members are involved in studies regarding nature such as: Lifestone research, companion training, alchemical studies, and herbalism. In conjuction with other guilds, the Shemathen have sought to protect and foster a respect of nature by using resources wisely. We plant, guard, heal and inform. If there is a task in Natures' best intrest, some of us will do it.


We are society Primarily comprised of rangers and druids, though we do have other champions of nature. The primary criteria for membership requires the Candidate to demonstrate a strong connection to Nature; the commitment of which, is reflected in the taking of the oath. Members are not restricted in other guilds or activities as long as they do not contradict the Oath.

Interested Candidates should seek out an ranger or druid, or simply tell the forest. The plants and animals are our eyes and ears.

Moots (meetings) are held on an irregular basis as the members or the Forest has a need.


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