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Catrionae Dy'nei Raykeeshen
Race: Avariel
Classes: Ranger / Sorcerer / Avenger
Guild affiliations: Green Order of the Forest
Most active on server: Wilderness
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Catrionae's Flight

Catrionae was born to refugees of Toostan who had settled in SilverFall in T'Nanshi. Her father seldom speaks of the time he was a warrior for the Queen; choosing instead to drown himself in a bottle as much as possible. Her mother, a Healer of Cha'Reth, spends most of her time hiding the alchohol and trying to change Cati's mind about her path.

Cati was raised amongst the elves of T'Nanshi and considers herself to be Nanshin for the most part, though natural curiosity led her to learn about her heritage and vow to fight for Avariel when the time came. She spent most of her childhood getting into mischeif and then running for the Temple district in Le'Or T'Nanshi when it was time to face the wrath of her exasperated parents.

In time she came to learn more of the Gods and gravitated toward the Temple of Dru'El. Spending time with the Priests there brought a much needed direction and calmness into her life. Though also a point of contention between her and her mother. She has been known to say, "If Dru'El was good enough for Cha'Reth then you li have anything to complain about, Ayum."

Her natural energy and unbridled curiosity led her to leave the shelter of home and venture out on her own. She soon met Thradril Rastaille (Ril), an Avariel Wizard, who became her mentor and lover. His influence had her gravitate more toward T'Nanshi and less toward Apara Thorpe, the new settlement of Avariel near Visimontium.

She soon found her heart turn more toward her God, and after much contemplation and prayer sought out the Avenger Varion Raykeeshen to learn more of the Avengers. As time passed, she felt more sure of her path and Varion became her mentor. She spent less time with Ril and more time with the faithful of Dru'El and their ways parted though they remained friends.

Cati needed a merah to help her control the latent arcane abilities she had that caused so much mischeif as a child and Varion introduced her to the Ivory Order mage El'gos Longstride, another follower of Dru'El to assist her. The three were fast friends, travelling often together and Cati had found a sort of surrogate family; taking trips less often to SilverFall and sending letters home instead.

As time passed, attraction between the Avenger and the Aspiring Avenger grew, although both denied it. Finally, Varion told Cati he had taught her all he could and she would need to follow her path on her own. She turned fully to Dru'El, finding her comfort in Him and acceptance as an Avenger to do his will. Oddly enough, after that she found her path led her right back to Varion and the two became almost inseperable, their love for each other finally admitted. Today they are husband and wife.

During her time as an Aspiring Avenger Cati met and trained with Avenger Cairn Mosslel as well. Some time after her elevation, Cairn, feeling the call to wander the forests, resigned a post in Blandenberg. With the Ft. Tauton training center ready to open, Cati met with Equalizer Hollinder and he requested she become a liason for the Equalizers and Avengers there. She accepted and took up the bow Challenger - A bow given to Cairn by an Avenger named Wulfgar - that Cairn had left as a symbol of an Avengers desire to meet the needs of the people of the Protectorate.