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PC Statistics

An Avariel from Nor'Seere.

Ability Score Adjustments: +2 Dex -2 Con

Favored Class: Wizard


Special Abilities:

History and Overview

The Avariel were almost completely wiped out by the Drangonari during a war that destroyed their former home of Toostan-of-the-Clouds, between 200 to 225 years ago (adding in current time).Rumor has it that in his mortal days, an Avariel female once tried to assasinate Angadar, and nearly suceeded. (This woman was a close friend of Angadar's wife at the time, Demetria). Angadar was outraged, and lashed out at the Avariel woman, his anger consuming her-- but his anger did not stop there. Angadar created the drangonari race in revenge, as a twisted mockery of the Avariel. The drangonari built the multilayered city of Grantir in Drotid. This was too near the Avariel city of Toostan-of-the-Clouds, and a war ensued. In that tulmultuous battle, the dragons of good and evil sided with the Avariel and the Drangonari respectively, and the skies were filled with them. In the end, the city of the Avariel was razed, and all Avariel were thought to be extinct, however....

Avariel at the Port Hole, Ferrell

A small population led by Queen Adathi retreated into the mountains, and hid themselves away in small isolated villages, struggling to survive, with the largest collection of them living in a succession of small treetop villages in Galdos and Deglos. Because some survived, Angadar took further measures. The Avariel were the subject of a terrible double curse, one that sapped their strength, making it extremely difficult to fly, and flying long distances were out of the question. The curse also rendered the Avariel infertile, and so the population kept dwindling after the war. (Most Avariel realize the tie between the drangonari, Angadar, and the curse’s origins coming from Angadar). The Avariel tried everything they could to lift the curse, but to no avail. Finally, Queen Adathi realized that if something drastic wasn't done, the Avariel would disappear forever. She heard of a new God, one of Healing, and hoped that that diety would be able to help the Avariel. So she traveled south herself, with two companions, in secret, to Zvidureth, to speak to the Healers of Cha'reth to appeal to them for help.

Adathi told the Healers about the curses and that they needed outside help to remove them, as everything they (the Avariel) had tried failed. The Healers agreed to try to remove the curse, and do everything they could to save the race. Because of the dire threat to the race, they agreed to keep the information secret.

High priestess Eldraea, Michel, Rika Vandor, Divinia Cecil, and Ere'n'dhl were the Healers that at various stages helping to solve this dilemma to heal the Avariel, though Eldraea and Rika were the two at the end that made a sacrifice that undid the final part of the dual curse. Part of the price for the Avariel was the loss of the ability of fly—this put them on par with the drangonari who also lost this ability. Though the curse was considerably more involved, the specific details are only known to Queen Adathi, her advisors, and the Healers, and certain others who were involved. In homage to Cha'reth, who made the lifting of the curse possible, many of the Avariel, including the Queen, began worshipping Cha’reth, and although there are other deities worshipped or paid respect to among the Avariel, Cha’reth is their primary god. It would be a safe bet to say no Avariel worship Angadar.

After the curses were lifted, Avariel started being seen in Visimontium. Some time later, the Avariel started getting pregnant, and bearing children again. Queen Adathi herself gave birth to twin girls. This was a cause for great celebration among the Avariel. After this event, Avariel started traveling the lands of Negaria again, especially southern Avlis. While Avariel are still fairly rare, they are being seen in greater numbers as time goes on.

Other Notes

Avariel are mechanically identical to Avlissian High Elves, except for the (now nonfunctional) wings. No Avariel can fly (nor can any Drangonari), though all Avariel have wings. The wings do not convey any benefits or cause any restrictions.

Physical Description

Avariel in the Wilds just outside of Elysia Elf Gate

Avlissian Elves (directly form the players guide) Generally akin to a high elf in 2nd Edition AD&D terms. Their skin tones range from milky white to a mild tan, although there are sometimes grayish or bluish undertones visible in rare individuals. Their hair can range from a deep black or blackish green, to a bright blonde or red, much like the human hair colors. The almond shaped eyes of these elves can cover the entire human range of blues, greens, and browns, but violet is also seen. All other statistics for physical stature and size, as well as game play, are identical to high elves.

See also SOURCE: elven skin colouring.

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