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PC Statistics

Ability Score Adjustments: +5 Str -1 Dex -2 Int -1 Cha

Size Category

  • Large - As a Large creature, Half-ogres suffer a -1 to AC and a -1 to Attack, as well as a +4 to Grapple checks (Evard's Black Tentacles, Bigby's Grasping Hand and Knockdown attempts). This modifier stacks with all other modifiers and does not count towards any caps. (This modifier is not shown on the character sheet.)


Special Abilities:

Favored Class: Fighter


  • As of the 1.69 update, the standard Half-ogre model is fully dynamic.
  • The race should get Natural Armor bonus but the current NWN implementation is Deflection. This may be revised in the future.
  • As Large creatures, Half-ogres cannot equip Tiny sized weapons. This includes Daggers, Kukri, Shurikens, Fashion Accessories, etc.
    • On Avlis, the Weapon Finesse feat is relative to size. In practice, this means Large creatures such as Half-ogres can apply this feat to any Medium weapons that can be equipped one-handed.


Example of a Half-ogre.

When ogres breed with humans, the result is the bitter hybrid race of Half-ogres. Caught between a race disposed towards evil that sees them as weakened and diluted freaks, and a more tolerant race that fears them for their ancestry, these creatures spend much of their lives being torn apart by conflicting standards. More often than not, they are born of violence and wind up continuing the chain of negativity in which they were created.


Half-ogres have difficulty controlling their tempers and are prone to violent outbursts of varying magnitude. For the most part, the rest of their personality is determined by the race that raised them. In ogre societies, they are demeaned and degraded for their weakness and impure heritage, and this often drives them to becoming fearful and troublesome. By contrast, in human societies they are regarded as unintelligent brutes who are unable to control their horrible tempers, and this can sometimes give them a thuggish personality akin to a bully.

Physical Description

Half-ogres grow to be between 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 feet tall. Their skin color is usually along the normal human ranges, but with a yellowish and slightly jaundiced-looking tinge to it. Eye and hair color also range along the full human range.

If living among ogres, they will often pick up the same skin conditions and boils that are seen in full-blooded specimens, but when living among humans they practice the same general hygiene of that race and cases of skin problems are limited. Clothing and dress are also according to the society that raised them.


Because of the nature of their ogre lineage, most races assume that Half-ogres are evil and dangerous creatures, just as full-blooded ogres are. In fact, most races see little difference between Half-ogres and ogres, so depending on their opinions of evil, different races will receive them accordingly. Full ogres generally degrade and torment half-breeds because of their weaker stature and impure blood, while full humans will fear them and believe them to be dangerous.


Half-ogres generally take on the alignment of the society that raised them, if they do not reject that part of their heritage. Those who reject societies will often take on opposite characteristics from what they are rejecting. For example, the chaotic ogre race can produce a lawful Half-ogre if it decides that the disorderly anarchy of ogre society is not desirable. Goodness is not as common as neutrality and evil, however, because their ogre blood tends to make them slightly greedy and selfish.

Half-ogre Lands

Generally, Half-ogres are found wherever humans and ogres are. They have no lands of their own, but are found as parts of other societies. Many individuals can be found in the Seven Cities where a multitude of other races tend to mix with one another in a reasonably tolerable fashion.


Half-ogres who embrace their ogre heritage are usually followers of Maleki, the creator of the goblinoid and giant-kin races. Those who are raised by humans or reject their ogre ways can worship any number of other deities based on philosophy or need. When their inner turmoil is too much to bear, some Half-ogres will worship no deity at all.


A Half-ogre learns the language of the race that reared it. If it was brought up by humans, this language is usually common. More languages can be picked up along the way if it encounters other races.


Half-ogres receive names from the race that raised them. If they grew up in an ogre society, they often take on descriptive names that are demeaning and degrading. Human societies also tend to give them nicknames that describe their oafish characteristics.


Inner conflict and turmoil easily drives Half-ogres to wander the face of Avlis in search of acceptance, or just to get away. Depression, greed, and anger can make them reckless and willing to undertake dangerous missions with little hesitation.

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