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PC Statistics

In NWN Avlis, Half-Nymph player characters have a Human appearance by default. You can contact Assist DM to change it to Elven.

Ability Score Adjustments: -2 Int +5 Cha


Special Abilities: Spell Resistance 10
Favored Class: Druid


Example of a half-nymph woman.

Half-nymphs are the offspring of a human or elven parent with a nymph. Pure nymphs are creatures of dangerous beauty that live carefree lives deep in the forests where they will not be found. On those rare occasions where they do come into contact with civilized non-fey races, a child may be born to a life of confusion and mystery. These offspring often live a life between two civilizations, cycling between the beautiful natural settings of their fey blood, and the more civilized social life of their other parent. This dual existence can sometimes be rough for them, and resolving it is often the main focus of their lives. Wherever they go, they are regarded as some of the most beautiful creatures in the world, whatever their predicament may be.


Many different personality types are present within this race, though a few notable common threads stand out. Half-nymphs tend towards confusion and uncertainty because their nymph parent often lives a very light-hearted and carefree life, while their humanoid parent often wears their cares as a heavy burden. There is much uncertainty about which road to take, because their non-fey blood pushes them towards taking up a cause, or becoming devoted to something. This conflict resolves itself in all different specific forms of demeanor. Some half-nymphs are positively bubbly and never serious (on the outside), whereas other specimens may be completely serious all the time, letting their inner turmoil come to the surface.

Physical Description

Half-nymphs inherit much of their beauty from their fey parent, though not so much as to strike a person blind when they look upon them. This is still enough beauty to draw large amounts of attention wherever they go. Half-nymphs with elven parents have the same height proportions as an elf of the same sex, and they are nearly indistinguishable from regular elves, but for their beauty. Half-nymphs with a human parent can be a little larger, as tall as 6 feet in rare cases for males. These specimens appear as heavenly beauties that look somewhat human in proportion and bone structure, though they always have pointed ears and usually almond shaped eyes. Hair colors for both ancestries can be reds, blondes, and brunettes of all shades, and eye colors can run the range from light blues and silvers to deep greens and aquas.

Though half-nymphs usually inherit the personal comfort of being nude from their fey parent, they frequently wear clothes when in non-fey societies. In these cases, they conform to the dress of the race and region they are near.


Most races see half-nymphs as creatures of beauty, for good or ill. This is even true of goblinoid and giant-kin races, and this can sometimes manifest itself as too much unpleasant attention directed at the half-nymph, which some of them see as a curse when trying to live among the non-fey. From the half-nymph point of view, surviving in a confusing world and being at peace are their major desires. They hold no resentment for any races in particular, though Titanian fey hate them with a passion because of their biracial nature. In places where the Titanians are numerous, this makes life difficult for them.


Most half-nymphs follow the ways of goodness and neutrality. Those with an elven parent may sometimes be chaotic, and those with human parents are usually neutral. On average, half-nymphs are neutral and good.

Half-Nymph Lands

Though they are commonly born in and around the forests of T'Nanshi and Jechran, half-nymphs only sometimes call these lands their home. Some will live in elven cities for a while before moving on to other places, but until the time of the founding of the city of Elysia, there was nowhere for them to really go. Elysia was a keep founded by another half-nymph, Vanoviel Niltaurwen, who was the child of an elven mother and a nymph father. Her city became a safe haven for hybrids, and many half-nymphs live and work there among other hybrids who have a deeper understanding of their nature.


O'Ma is the god of choice for most half-nymphs. He is said to accept their heritage as part of his overall plan for goodness, and he has been said to lend a lot of support to their predicament, though he is often unable to help them physically. Secondary gods are sometimes worshipped, depending on need and experience. Half-nymphs that are born in the Jechran area also commonly worship the goddess Yeraiah.


Half-nymphs speak common as their main tongue, and nymph as their secondary tongue if they were at least partially raised by their fey parent. Most of them also know fairy common, the language common to all fairy races (both O'Ma and Titanian), and many know sylvan, the common language for all sentient woodland creatures. Those with an elven parent will also know how to speak Nanshilae (elven).


A half-nymph's name depends on which parent they received it from. Nymphs are not known to have last names, so if the half-nymph has a nymph father or does not know who their non-fey father is, they will not have a last name unless they take their mother's. In some cases, the mother will not even have one to give either. First names also depend on where they got the names. A half-nymph with a human parent may have a human name, and one with an elven parent and elven one. Those who have little contact at all with their non-fey race will be named by their nymph parent.

Male Names

Alarn, Arbor, Cha'or, Elerenon, Kendle, Liam, Moonlake, Sun, Tavin, Zeal

Female Names

Abera, Belana, Daria, Heliana, Juine, Lavenda, Star, Tupaia, Telina, Yuria

Last Names

Brenton, E'Lyan, Grumbald, Tal'Raethe, Warick


Half-nymphs are very prone to wandering, and this opens them up to many different types of adventure, usually whether they like it or not. Most of the time they do not have to travel far before some sort of incident finds them. It could be a local slave trader trying to kidnap them to sell on the market, a lovesick suitor fawning after them, or anything in between.

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