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El'gos Longstride

El'gos was born in M'Chek, near the T'Nanshi border, during the height of the M'Chek/T'Nanshi war. His elven mother died shortly after his birth due to complications. His father, being human, decided to raise El'gos in M'Chek on his own.

El and his father spent many years wandering M'Chek, assisting the farmers and peasants as best they could. This included helping to tend the fields, dig wells, and making what repairs could be made. El learned a good many useful things in his youth, including how to make simple bandages, and how to open and repair simple locks.

At an early age El learned that his father was a sorceror of some power, however his father chose to keep his abilities hidden from the general populace. His father realized the desperation in the war ravaged people, and feared that some of the poor starving M'Chekians would try to force him to use his abilities for less than honorable intentions. Little did he know how right he would be.

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