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Description of the Holy Warrior Smite Ability

Some custom Holy Warriors receive the ability to "Smite" a particular Alignment. For example, Champions and Avengers receive the Smite Evil ability at Level 3.

As opposed to working the same way as a Paladin's Smite Evil, Holy Warriors instead receive bonus positive/negative energy damage vs. evil/good/law/chaos, depending on the Holy Warrior class, to their weapon(s) for a number of rounds equal to their charisma modifier. This weapon is also given a temporary attack bonus vs. evil/good/law/chaos equal to the Holy Warriors's charisma modifier.

As a Holy Warrior's level increases, the energy damage bonus will increase:

  • Level 1-4: 1d4
  • Level 5-8: 1d6
  • Level 9-12: 2d4
  • Level 13-16: 2d6
  • Level 17-20: 2d8
  • Level 21-24: 2d10
  • Level 25+: 2d12


  • Uses per day may be increased to three by taking the Extra Smiting feat; however Great Smiting will not increase or affect a Holy Warrior's Smite ability.
  • Smite evil for some holy warriors is bugged such that they are unable to use via the radial emote. As a work around, the ability may be called by typing '/smite' in the chat window.
  • As of 26 Feb 2009:
    • This ability stacks with other attack bonuses vs. alignment, though it may not show up properly in the player character sheet (use the combat window instead).
    • This ability works with both melee and ranged weapons (and fists).

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