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The Psionics Theory Research Group

The idea of the Psionic Theory Research Group was to create an umbrella organization that would join all Psions of Southern Negaria with the common goal of researching psionics. The objective of the group was identified in helping and reinvigorating all other Psionics organizations, building a network that would exchange knowledge and coordinate research activities. For that reason the group was always organized as ancillary to other organizations, the Avlis Tower University, the Psi-Corp, The Luminous Order of the Mind, the Order of the Dragon.

Members of any guilds and groups not banned in Mikona could join. The group would only perform research activities, and would have a participatory structure so there would not be any discussion on leadership, or fights over political issues. Each individual member organization would conduct his own politic, but the PTRG would not concern that, it would only focus on research. There would not be any requirement for joining, and all psions and non psions interested in researching psionics could participate. Each member would be able to propose an independent research project to the PTRG in complete freedom, the PTRG would then proceed to contact all the organizations and the public to gather interest and potential help for such project.

This innovative intermediary structure is still unique in Negaria and constituted a great success in term of participants and number of sponsored activities.

The group is extremely heterogeneous, and the heterogeneity has been designed to be its strength. To contact the group please send a message to any of his sponsoring organizations or directly contact Straccio.