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Great Magus of Arms, White Order of the Light

Ordained of the Order of Gorethar

Provost Marshal, M'Chekian Guard

Sylux Raynes (PM)

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Origin: M'Chek, Mikona
Year of Birth: 34 years ago
Alignment: Lawful Good
Residence: Mikona or Visimontium
Deity: Gorethar


Guild Affiliations:

Close Relations



Sylux was born the younger of two sons to Eurol and Irina Raynes, a tailor who owned a small shop in the Mikona Market District. Toward the beginning of Sylux's adolescence, his family (which lived in Mikona's slums) had fallen upon even harder times and the promise of Visimontium being built prompted his father to begin making plans to move his business and family far to the north.

These plans were never realized, as the family's small home was broken into three nights before they were meant to leave. Sylux's older brother was away at the Kurathene Empire, where he had gone to serve in the military and work for a better life for himself; leaving only Sylux and his parents in the house. The parents were slain trying to resist the invaders and Sylux was beaten to near death.

Now orphaned, Sylux was left to fend for himself on the hard streets of Mikona, but rather than develop the skills of a street urchin and thief, Sylux found employment at the local library and spent many of his nights sleeping among the books (without the knowledge or approval of the library staff). It was at this time that his aptitude for reading and the Arcane began to make itself apparent.

As Sylux was reaching his early teenage years, he found a book hidden behind other books on a shelf near the top floor of the library, it had apparently been long forgotten about and rested unread for many years. After cleaning the book of the dust and webs that were engulfing it, Sylux soon discovered the book was written in a strange, runic language. Cross-referencing this language with other books he had found in the library, Sylux was able to mutter a few of the words and to his extreme shock, a female faerie dragon appeared in a flash before him. To his even greater shock, this creature could speak and identified itself as "Xaos."

Xaos was extremely dismayed to learn that its summoner was not its kindly old master (who apparently had passed away some time ago), and that its new summoner was an ignorant, prepubescent kid. However, Sylux impressed the creature with his capable intellect and ability to solve puzzles and games with speed and accuracy and so she began tutoring the young boy in the ways of the Arcane using what little knowledge she held from her previous master's lessons. This opened a whole new world of possibilities to Sylux and would mark the beginning of a path he would follow for the rest of his life.

Early Wizardy

For the next few years, Sylux would gather what knowledge he could from the books within the library and began working on refining and mastering his knowledge and technique of the Arcane. Though lacking a proper mentor, Sylux developed a reasonable understanding of the basic principles of the Arcane and by the time he was eighteen years old, he had developed into a competent fledgling Wizard.

It was soon after this that Sylux met an older man while traveling through the Market District by the name of Fergus Goodmane. A brief conversation with Fergus saw the two settling in for a longer discussion inside a local tavern and soon Sylux was mystified with Fergus' talk of Andrinor, the Trust and the possibilities that were available to Sylux should he continue to pursue his Art. Sylux would choose to follow under Fergus' guidance and became an initiate to the White Order of the Light.

Branching Out

Sylux eventually became more active in the society and politics of Mikona. He eventually encountered a cleric of Gorethar visiting from Elysia and would dedicate his faith to Gorethar, becoming an Aspirant to the Order of Gorethar. His faith would continue to guide him through the rest of his life (up to this point) and he quickly developed a reputation for a level-headed approach to the tenets of Gorethar.

It was under this light that Sylux was asked by Dame Moira Celyn Callindraes (then Windspar) to enlist in the Iron Fist Division of the M'Chekian Guards. Believing he could help ferret out corruption and bring about a positive influence to Mikona and M'Chek through the Guards, Sylux agreed to the request and enlisted.

Order of Gorethar

For the next several years, Sylux would be an active member of the Order of Gorethar, often dedicating his knowledge of the Arcane to the dilemmas and challenges faced by the Order. His behavior would continue to be conditioned by the discipline and leadership of the Paladins and Clerics he was surrounded by.

Eventually, Sylux would work his way into becoming an Ordained member of the Order and being established as the Arcane Adjutant between the Order of Gorethar and the White Order of the Light. This marked one of the most memorable accomplishments in his life.


However, it would not be long before the Order of Gorethar underwent a swift and dramatic change in leadership. A visiting Cleric and Paladin from the Church of Gorethar in Deglos began monitoring the Order's activities in Elysia. This overseeing would lead to a clash with Sylux's faith and understanding of the tenets of Gorethar.

The representative from the church adopted a rigid, aggressive stance toward anyone not in the Order and an uncompromising approach to dealing with what was considered "evil" in his eyes. This approach led to often hostile, even violent, confrontations with others outside of the Order and an overbearing, critical attitude toward those within. While Sylux felt his unity with the Order breaking over this disparity, he did not vocalize his discontent.

M'Chekian Guard

Sylux's start in the Iron Fist Division was rocky. The Guard was primarily run by Valokians, and the leadership were primarily Dominators. Sylux's ideology clashed with his leadership on several occasions and his unwillingness to engage in certain political maneuvers made by the Guards landed him in a position where he was about to get terminated from the Guards.

This changed when Sylux brought before the current Provost Marshal of the Guards two thieves he had arrested at the docks for breaking and entering and robbery. Sylux suggested a series of punishments involving community service and making an example of them that pleased the Provost, Gotthardt Stahl. This marked a turn around in Sylux's career and Sylux eventually earned the respect of his fellow Guards and the leadership.

When Gotthardt Stahl felt it was time to retire, it was Sylux that he named his successor.

Provost Marshal

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