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Basic Info

Full Name: Doug the Ox PM

Age: 30

Race: Brekshak

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Brekon

Current Residence: Mikona

Diety: Gorethar

Alignment: Lawful Good

Class: Monk, Psion, Paladin


Member of ANRA

Initiate of the Order of Gorethar

Second Lieutenant in Mikona Guard

Guard Liaison to the Blackhawks


My name is Doug the Ox, son of Borud and Ashka Harkos. I was born in a small town in central Brekon, sometime in late summer. Coming from a particularly strange family, I did little to try to integrate myself into the Brekshak society of the village. Instead, most of my time was spent in my mother's library, working in the gardens around our house or finding some way to keep myself busy.

There was also the fact that we lived on a farm, that certainly helped with the keeping busy. It was the animal kind of farm, not so much the plants kind. A good deal of my time was spent among the ponies, pigs, and chickens that we kept. I think we may have had a sheep in my earlier years as well, but I'm not so sure about that. Anyway, among the farm animals were a cat and a dog, . . .