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Sigil of ANRA
Note the PoV and IC rulings.
Lecture notes

Agriculture Lectures
Farming Techniques - Fertilizer - Crop Rotation - Acidic Farmlands
Tailoring Lectures
Using Cotton - Plants in Tailoring - Working with Leather - Spinning Wool

Guild documents

- Original charter
- Original Proposal


- Soil Creation
- Mulch
- Problems in Farming
- Basic Carpentry
- Crop Rotation
- Soil and Water Conservation
- Forestry
- Irrigation

Archives and Notes

- Avlissian Leaping Hounds
- T'Nanshi Ash

Academy of Natural Resources and Agriculture (ANRA)

Alignment: Any alignment is acceptable.

Any class is acceptable. We are especially interested in druids, rangers, bards, mages, clerics and crafters of all kinds.

Any race is acceptable.

Base of operations:
Current base of operations is in The Village of Blandenberg. The Academy is building the main building in Blandenberg, and possibly a presence in Visimontium as well. The main building in Blandenberg is complete, and open for use. Students have already started arriving.

DM Sponsor:

How to contact us:
The current Headmaster is Mhog'ar. Messages can be left at the ANRA Hall in Blandenberg, addressed to him (PM Mhogar). The Director of Relations position is currently open. Other Board members are:Kish'ti, Arn Callindraes, Xilo a Healer of Cha'reth, and Jalya Ak'hanrye, Master of the AKN the ANRA's Director of Alchemical Research. We are currently seeking active membership.

What we do:
The Academy is a neutral and unaffiliated school dedicated to education regarding agriculture (farming, animal husbandry) and management of natural resources (conservation, land management). The Academy’s purpose is to provide education, research, and remediation services to the world of Avlis in the broad areas of natural resources management and agriculture, with the intention of eliminating and preventing famine, promoting balance between population and land, relieve suffering through the discovery, teaching, and application of knowledge, and improve standards of living across all of Avlis.

Think of it as cross between a vocational school and a community college in a rural farming area.

Our goals are teaching better farming techniques, researching new methods of agriculture and new varieties of plants for food crops, teaching land management and soil improvement and forestry management, and teaching animal husbandry.

What to expect:
Lots of role play, crafting, and research. We are currently involved in several major happenings in southern Avlis, including the events surrounding Blandenberg. There is the possibility of activities in Visimontium, as well (this is in process). We need folks who like to RP, write, and are interested in invention, and working on long term projects and plots. There is also a good guild to get involved in if your active IG play time is limited, as a lot of what we do right now is scheduled, and much can be done on the boards or through PM’s. As membership grows, more things will happen.

Our major restriction is that players realize that this is an organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of people across Avlis, through teaching and research. So, lots of role-play, a lot of quests and research, and defense of those who are doing so.

Recent Activities:
We have spent many months researching and testing formulae for a restorative potion for use by shardbearers and ex-shardbearers. The ANRA Restorative is now an established alchemical product and may be produced by any person who has the necessary alchemical skill. Several variants of the restorative have been used successfully to restore a degree of health to natural structures, watercourses and plantlife.

ANRA director, Cairn Mosslel, designed the memorial garden which has now been built as part of the re-development of Fort Taunton.

Sucessfully reviving nexus points throughout M'Chek, reviving and strengthening the M'Chek/Mikona lifestone. This took many months, and created alliances with several groups for ANRA, including the Shemathen Le'yeritath, the Council of Balance, the Blackhawks, and others. Work is beginning for improving the farming plots within The Village of Blandenberg itself, and expanding outward into the Protectorate from there.

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