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Shannen Di'rithia Profile Picture

Shannen casting under the ever-protective presence of her husband and life-bonded, Rune Amanta.

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Shannen (Di'rithia) Amanta

Race: Avariel

Origin: Northern Avlis

Age: 200+

Current Residence: Visimontium



Shannen and Rune
Shan's sister Saffie and Mom, Mimi, at the reception of Shan & Rune's Life-Bonding Ceremony
Shannen and her dearest friend, Sally Silverbreeze

On Shannen

Shannen Di'rithia is an Avariel with deep, sapphire-blue eyes. As with most female Avariel, she is slender and not very tall. She grew up in Northern Deglos, in hiding with her parents and younger siblings, a very ornery brother Amendel Di'rithia and beautiful, vibrant sister Saphron Di'rithia.

She is a Priestess of Cha'reth, an Arcane Archer and practices wizardry, preferring to focus her spells on enhancing her healing abilities and providing protections for others. She also sketches, paints, and writes in a large journal.

Shannen left her childhood home tormented by her desire to make her late father proud and at constant war with her quick temper. She spent years under the guidance of her sisters in faith, Da'emona and Rika, working at holding her tongue and more obviously living out the values of Cha'reth. Her diligence and faith carried her forward to become an Elder Healer and Priestess of Cha'reth, and now, the leader of the Healers.

Shannen the individual is loyal, naturally playful, warm and affectionate. Some believe her to be naive and "navigationally-challenged," but those close to her are well aware that she is guided by a strong moral compass that will never fail her or those who take her hand and walk by her side.

Shannen belongs to Cha'reth, but one other is bound to her with as much power, for life and beyond: her husband Rune Amanta. Rune and Shannen met in Ferrell and realized they had the same vision and purpose within moments of their first conversation, which of course revolved around building hope and strength for their race. They married among friends that included a special visit by Queen Adathi and with the full blessing of Cha'reth at a Life-Bonding Ceremony in the Cha'reth Temple in Visimontium, and of Corellon Larethian at their Reception in High Priestess Rika Vandor's home, also in Visimontium.

Shannen also has many friends; the closest among them, Sally Silverbreeze, Marin Nemelgen, Da'emona, Rika, Nayala Gelbert, Nikki Amakiir, Anastrianna Holimion, Goldie Noor al-Népirtás, Vanar Alhaldren, Bruno Knotslinger, Sylux Raynes and Delurion Imyn, a ranger of Pelar.

Shannen and Rune's Life Bonding Ceremony
Mimi, Da'emona, Goldie, and Nayala stand with the couple
Solar Brigade
Some Avariel and Healers gather in Father Cha'reth's House in Zvidureth
Symbol of Cha'reth
Shan, George & Delurion Imyn
Shan's brother, Amendel Di'rithia
AVARIEL: Indy, Ana, Rune, Shannen, Aen, Anee
Shannen and Marin Nemelgen
Tall Diamun, Shannen, and Davilla Chert practicing magic