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Nayala Gelbert

Race: Halfling

Origin: Kitanya Hill, Ferrell

Year of Birth: Ask... You may get a straight answer...

Current Residence: None



Nayala grew up in Kitanya Hill with her twin sister Neala. The two were inseparable through their happy childhood and were generally indistinguishable except by their parents. As Nayala grew into her teenage years, she seemed to finish her rebellious phase early while her sister Neala seemed to crave association with less savoury elements of society.

Deciding that it was perhaps wise to spend a little time away from her sister, and incidents of mistaken identity, Nayala embraced the wanderlust that had been building for a few years and started travelling the the length and breadth of Southern Negaria. During these travels she met a martial artist, Nein, who fought with no weapon but himself. Enthralled by the beauty and efficacy of this form of combat, Nayala sought out the CFAS Dojo upon her return to Ferrell and began training under Grand Master Chipmunk.

Now well-traveled and exposed to vastly differing cultures from across Avlis and the planes beyond, she found Ferrell to be a little too sleepy and settled into the neigbouring city of the Fey Lord. After many years, she bought a place of her own with the money she had earned adventuring and opened a small shop catering to healing arts and selling various trinkets she found on her adventures: Nayala's Knick-knacks and Bric-a-brac in the Elysian Cooperative Market.

As she developed roots in Elysia, Nayala found that the city seemed to attract an unusual amount of danger and so she joined the Elysia Auxiliary Volunteers. This led to her joining Le'Megen T'Elysia when the EAV was folded into the sponsoring organisation, and eventually being promoted to an officer.

Nayala fought against the Drotid invasion until withdrawal of forces from Elf Gate into T'Nanshi. She continued resist the Drotid occupation as an active member of the underground resistance in Elysia, where she was promoted to Sergeant, and by making independent guerrilla strikes against small Shaahesk groups. Eventually underground resistance in Elysia, with the help of allies, was able to overthrow Drotid's forces and regain Elysia.

Please consider the following to be OOC: Severely disheartened by the loss of her beloved city and lives of those she served with, she returned discreetly to the city vowing to remove the occupying forces and that "No amount of blood would ever suffice" to repay the atrocity. A stance which has softened somewhat since regaining the city, but lies just beneath the surface. No longer an enemy of her city, she has abandoned her meek alternate persona of Jenny Leafripple that she used to move about the city in an attempt to avoid unwanted attention and to interact with citizens under Drotid's rule.

Recent Events

Nayala focuses most of her efforts on rebuilding and helping maintain order in Elysia as the city recovers. She continues to serve in Le'Megen T'Elysia as a recently promoted lieutenant.