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The Emblem of the Solar Brigade

The Solar Brigade is a collection of adventurers originally hired by Aerill Ailpera and Damar Ogdem of the High Mage Council to investigate the areas of Wild Magic in the vicinity of Visimontium.


Founding Members

Additional Members

History of the Brigade

Initial Formation

In the spring of 2162, many notes were dispatched to several would-be adventurers, requesting they come to Visimontium later in the year. Several made the journey to the north, these were the initial members of a group that would go by the name Solar Brigade. At the Tispy Wizard they were met by Jan Haskins of the Sentinels. Jan escorted these freelancers to the Council chambers where Aerill Ailpera and Damar Ogdem explained about a Wild Magic Zone that had become uncovered some years back and how they wanted the assemblage to gather information about the area.

Investigation of Eastern Wastes

Upon accepting the task from the Council, the group proceeded to train together and do some research on the area and Wild Magic Zones. With this knowledge they made their way to the Wastes to perform some tests. At first there was some confusion among the party and the expedition was nearly lost when an enormous spider and her offspring captured some of the members. Fortunately, the remaining members were able to lure the remaining spiders out of the cavern and use magic to destroy them.

Drangonari Portal

Eventually, after enough testing, with assistance from Kieron of the Ivory Order, a portal was discovered in the wastes. Quickly and without warning, several Drangonari psions descended upon and attacked the brigade while they examined the gate. After several on both sides were killed the Drangonari gave instructions to leave the vicinity or die. A hasty retreat was made back to Visimontium, where Kieron mentioned of a similar portal near Mikona.

Ganoomkin Portal Contraption

So eventually the investigators made the long journey to the land of M'Chek. The Hills of Tumult, where many ganoom live and work, were the next locale to explore. For this incursion some more assistance was rallied, whom included:

There were many ganoomkin Automatons in those halls that were protecting the workshops. The large expedition finally made it to the main workroom, after using many exploding hobbyhorses to disable those guardians. Another portal was there, out of which several extra-planar creatures came. While the warriors kept the outsiders at bay, the mages focused on learning of the device that was holding the rift open. After some work, a replica of the machine was fashioned and the team headed out with it.

Re-alignment of the Kraft

With the duplicate of the machine from the south the group brought it to Deglos for examination. On a demi-plane, some progress was made in understanding its capabilities, which seemed to be weakening the fabric between planes of existence. The contraption was clearly not functioning as its designers desired, since it could only reach certain planes. It wasn't until the device went haywire and allowed numerous outsiders to pass through which proceeded to attack the party. Escaping the onslaught, just barely with the assistance of Kieron's automaton, with a green knob being the only piece that could be kept from the instrument.

In need of further information the group sought assistance from a recluse wizard of the Red Order. After scrying using the knob, it was discovered that there was a device in Ferrell that was likely the source of the trouble. The brigade journeyed to Ferrell to attempt to find this other machine and work with it. Accompanied by some new and old faces:

The ensemble faced heavy resistance from more Drangonari, but after many losses a core of the party made it into the cave that was being protected. The massive kraft was in quite a disarray. Upon investigation it was determined that the the machine was designed and used Chaos to manifest its powers. The team set about to adjust the device back to normal operation. By resetting the three inputs, one for each of the Moon, the Sun, and the Stars, the apparatus seemed to be operating properly.

Discovery of Scholarship on White Necromancy

Coming Soon (maybe)

Hallimancus Attacks Academy in Kitanya Hill

Shortly after the opening of a new wing at the Academy of Mortal Magic in Kitanya Hill, an esteemed researcher of the Trust, mage Kieron of the Ivory Order of the Sun, was attacked by a group of powerful necromancers. The Solar Brigade and some of the High Mage Council were able to rebuff these assailants, but not before Kieron disappeared. At first it was thought that Kieron had been abducted by these attackers, but she had left a magical note for Sephira, initiate to the Ashen Order of the Stars, indicating that she had managed to seek refuge and was mostly safe, even if somewhat trapped. The note also told of a Lich named Hallimancus who sought to possess artifacts and knowledge which Kieron had and was researching. Kieron is one of the foremost experts on White Necromancy and it is believed that the Lich wished to prevent his enemies from using these against him and his minions.

Along with the message there was a crystal ball with a slot in it big enough for a scroll that might improve the user's results. After the Solar Brigade recovered from the news of their dear friend and her plight, Micah, of the Red Order of the Flame, instructed the group on the mystic art of Scrying.

Later, realizing that the Solar Brigade was lacking in some aspects, some additional recruits were scouted and brought onboard.

Growing The Brigade

After some searching and rigorous assessment, the Solar Brigade managed to find some capable new members. Several exercises were conducted with the newly integrated members to determine individual strengths and weaknesses. Among these were: an archery practice at re-enforced stationary golems; a scouting and trap test; and combat engagements in fighter-mage pairs.

These individual trials were followed by three group scenarios, held at the Academy. One in a wilderness environment, another in a walled city, and the last in a crypt, with Micah Ormane and Tasi Van Brockenhamm observing. Each stage contained a key which would unlock the next phase or signify the completion. The first was handled with minimal difficulty as it was mostly mindless beetles and their mother.

In the city the company found a multitude of Dracolisks and attempted to avoid their Gaze by using Darkness and Ultravision, but most still fell victim to their frightful presence. Eventually the monsters were put down and a Dragon was discovered in one of the buildings.

The final test was even more of a test as it required bypassing a well-made trap left by the makers of the tomb. It was quite complex and disabling one part caused another to activate. The device was also attuned to the slightest magic on anything that entered its space and readily destroyed these. After fiddling with the machination for sometime, the Brigade had to fight some automatons that came from behind the device. Eventually it was reasoned that these things were somehow protected from the trap, since they had to pass through it. It turned out that their armor was what allowed their passage and with this knowledge the group walked through.

All was thought to be finished with these tests when during their return from getting the final key a band of half-elves, again sent by Hallimancus, instructed to obtain the crystal ball from Sephira by any means. Battle was engaged and these bandits nearly killed all hands. Micah and Tasi were able to repulse this force and then another of the Ivory Order saw to bringing the dead back to life.

Back at the Academy an Ebony wizard, Agnes, also demanded the Orb be turned over to her. The matter was discussed but Sephira refused to relinquish the orb to anyone else, as it was bequeathed to her by Kieron. Agnes relented after fellow Ebony wizard Vlad intervened and denied her will.

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