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Garek Blackstone

Favored weapon: Greataxe

Garek was born in some village in Delgos. His parents were miners but little else is known of them or if he has any siblings. This is due to the fact that Gareks parents were killed by bandits when he was only 10. At such a young age he wondered around till he stumbled into Ferrell. There a human couple took him in and showed him herbalisum and alchemy and were the first to teach him the ways of Mikon. Since then those two subjects have fascinated him. Once reaching the age to leave the human family he took up adventuring and that is when he meet a man named Mendel.

He was nice and they soon became good friends. Mendel gave Garek his first job and took him around to meet very important people around Avlis. But all was not well. Mendel soon turned mean and more mischievous. Garek was not his friend but his servant. Everyday Garek wished to get out of his servitude but was just not strong enough. Then one day Mendel up and disappeared.

Again Garek was alone with out a calling. He decided to look into many different things to fill his soul. He joined the Dwarven Brigade in hopes of learning more about his past. But that still did not fill in all the holes. He then turned to religion. There he looked at all of the nine gods and spent many days meditating on how he felt about the world and where he fit in. All that changed when once day he was playing with his greataxe and was able to balance it on his finger…a tough deed considering it weights 20 pounds and something clicked. Balance…. That day he found a match with Mikon. As time wore on and Garek did more soul searching and he became a devout follower of Mikon. Since then he has had a spring in his step and a smile on his face.

Currently Garek is involved with or has been given the title of these things below

Holy Equalizer of Mikon
Recruiter and trainer of the Council of Balance
Ordained Member of the Council of Balance
Humble worshiper of Mikon
Proud member of the Dwarf Brigade
Journeyman to the AKN
Apprentice to the AAAA
Shop worker of Featherfingers Trading
Meatshield extraordinaire