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The Deglos Brigade


Race: Dwarves or Gnomes only

Alignment: Primarily non-evil

Base of operations: The DB HQ. West warrens, Nanshi Urbaz, Deglos.

How to contact us:

IG: Losin Rockhands Kili Paltik

PM: wolfwielder or AmusedApathy


This heroic band of dwarves and gnomes works to secure the roads and trade routes of Deglos, guiding and defending travelers, makers, and traders. Working under charter from the Deglos Guild of Security and Investigation, we are an authorized agency to defend and protect Deglos' law and order.

If any travelers in our fair land are in need of assistance from the Brigade, it is our duty and honor to come to your aid. The Deglos Brigade Headquarters is located in the West sector of Nanshi Urbaz, by the Causeway entrance. If we're all out on patrol, leave a note with the nature of your need, and we'll get back to you in short order.

With the present danger from the state of war in Deglos, the Brigade is also always looking for new recruits! Pay includes basic equipment, room and board, as well as all the ale you can drink. We have a fountain of it! Everyone* with a desire to defend their grand home of Deglos should come see us today, and take Lefty's drinking test!

If you need our help, a guide, or assistance travelling through Deglos, don't hesitate to contact the Brigade today! If you'd like to sign up, we'd love to meet you!

Or talk to any other Brigadiers you may know or meet!

-The Deglos Brigade

  • Everyone means dwarves and gnomes only.

What to expect: Lots of grunting and snorting in hard to understand accents, bad jokes galore and more ale than you could imagine. Used to be one of the best all round fighting units in Avlis, but we've lost active members to RL and are now looking to rebuild. We're a laid back bunch of dwarves who get together occasionally to drink, crump (Dwarven slang for SMASH!!) and exchange tall tales. Also, protecting the nation of Deglos in our spare time and the one group on Avlis where you'd find folks to train Dwarven Defenders.