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General Information


Player: A Wanderer

Character Name: The Wanderer

Race: Avlissian Elf

Gender: Male

Class: Ranger/Rogue

Diety: Dru'El

Primary Server: Wilderness


Solar Brigade: Member


Little is known about Wanderer's distant background, even that of his true name. All that is known is he is originally from Le'Or, son of parents of some renoun. He was driven away from T'Nanshi at the time just after his coming of age, but by what, not many, if any at all, know.

Few know of anything more of his trek to the north (which one would assume is the same incident as his being driven away) and his time in Kuras, other than the name he picked up on his travels: Wanderer. It is said in Kuras is where he picked up most of his skills with shadows, and his use of two blades. It is most likely he only used the bow before his travels to Kuras.

Even after Wanderer came back to his homeland, T'Nanshi, not many years later he left again headed north, to which some say Kuras was his destination. It seems he was summoned for some time, as far as can be gathered. None in the south had seen him for all those years.

He stayed away again from T'Nanshi for many years, although he came back yet again. For what reason, his good friends wouldn't say. Some say it was for a family emergency; while others say it was the calling of Dru'El on his heart.

Current Information

Since his second return some time ago, Wanderer has been working in the service of Dru'El once again, who he is known to refer to as 'the Father'. In Dru'El's name, he has resumed his travels of T'Nanshi helping the forest's inhabitants, especially the trees. He makes several rounds of the entire forest each month, thinning out or helping out herds of animals, pruning trees whose branches are twisted in a bad way, and helping out those he finds on the way who are in trouble.

Wanderer has a keen sense for Dru'El's teachings, as he is often known to show compassion and understanding where others do not. He is also known for his non-judgemental attitude toward friends who he has been told have done evil things, because he feels their hearts are good. He is very loyal to his friends, especially Nai and Ellowin.

A few years ago, it is known by a few that Wanderer recieved a note from a friend. Rumors say it was a note from his friend in Cytheria asking for Wanderer's assistance in the conflicts of the north. Not enough information could be gathered to say if this information holds any weight.

Lately, Wanderer has been away from the forest more than he cares for, which he attributes to Dru'El expanding the duties given to him. He's most recently been helping out in a fairly new group called the Solar Brigade, in lands outside of the forest, primarily Deglos and Ferrell.

Due to all of this travel (I'm fairly certain), Wanderer has recently developed some kind of rash, although it's reason is not common knowledge, as far as can be told. A couple of people know about it, but they wouldn't say much.

-- [As of 05-07-07]

Wanderer is back again from a trip to Kuras. Not many know he has returned, and most still don't. Some have seen him recently roaming the forest where he's been up to his old habits tending to its needs, visiting Cornath'Dru'El quite often, and also calling on old friends.

Friends of Wanderer

The Wanderer has many friends throughout the lands of Avlis, but those below are his closest:

Ellowin Snyder
Nai Lani
Hert Snyder
Thorfinn Hausselkiff
Dannar Sunrise
Indiga Amanta



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